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Goliath May 27, 2010

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Haddie always continues to amaze me as to how much she learns. Sometimes I’ll just tell her different things to see if she will remember them. So, if you hear her saying some of these things, please don’t think I’m drilling my child and trying to make her into a brainiac prodigy. I’m really not trying to pressure her into learning a ton at this age (she’s 21 months), but she picks up so much information and seems so eager to learn (she’s started to ask “what’s that?” about a lot of things). So, occasionally I will try to teach her things just to see if she will remember them. All of that said.. I was recently reading to her from Psalms and I tried to explain that Psalms is a book in the Bible and that it was written by David (at least mostly). In trying to explain who David was, I tried to associate with the story of David and Goliath since she already knows about that. Anyways…some of it stuck in her mind…only when I ask her who wrote Psalms she says Goliath! lol. Well, I tried to correct it and now she finally says David (at least most of the time you ask her). I still can’t believe how much she remembers!


One Response to “Goliath”

  1. Christina Says:

    Isn’t it so cool what they pick up. Reading that story reminds me of Levi. I have been part of this women’s Bible study during the week which has an awesome children’s program. Levi has been learning different Bible stories each week and then when he comes home we talk about them during the week. I think it is so cool to hear 1&2 year olds tell their version of a Bible story. Levi tells the story about Jesus healing the leper like this:
    Me- Who did Jesus heal? Levi- The Leper. Me- What was wrong with the leper? Levi- He had boo boo’s! Me- What did Jesus do for the leper? Levi- Kiss, all better.
    Now of course when Levi gets a boo boo I always “kiss it better” so he thinks when Jesus makes someone better he kisses them. I love it.
    Hope you’re enjoying staying at home with Haddie and reading Goliath’s Psalms 🙂

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