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Been a Few June 1, 2010

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Well, its been a few (very busy) days since I last posted anything. Most of last week was filled with house projects. Seth tore out the old ceiling tiles in our bedroom (which were ruined thanks to our recent roof leak) and replaced them with wood slats. Then Jaz and I stained them. Next came a youth group workday where the kids all stripped the old very dark stain from the family room walls and replaced our bedroom carpet. While I’m very grateful for their help (they were being paid afterall), I am continuing to find messes from them. That wood stripper and the varnish it takes off is a mess! I guess since they had gloves on they failed to realize where they were putting their hands. I now have permanent handprints on my doorknob, screen door, front railing, stool, stepladder, and even Haddie’s high chair. Thankfully I put sheets over the furniture, but even those are covered. Seriously…who is ever that messy? But anyways… After they left, Seth and I worked so late finishing up the carpet and wall stripping. Stacie and I spent the next afternoon coating the family room walls and our bedroom ceiling w/ polyurethane. And I am burned out on housework and the house still smells funny from all the chemicals. My house is still a disaster and projects are still left unfinished. Ahhhhh! I can’t wait for it all to be finished. But I’m very grateful for the changes already. I just hate living things undone.

On another note, Seth and I were supposed to go camping with our young adult group this week. But I woke up to Seth throwing up at 2 am Sunday night. Fun. I plugged my ears and kept saying “la, la, la” in my mind to cover up the noise (a little TMI?). Soon after I relocated to the guest bedroom and prayed that Haddie and I would be spared from the plague. So far so good. All I woke up with was a headache (a bad one), but at least my stomach has remained steady through yesterday. So, here’s hoping that the worst is over. Seth remained pretty out of it all day and Haddie kept crying whenever she looked at him napping in his recliner. I think it freaked her out to see him looking sick. Its always weird when he’s sick because, honestly, he rarely gets sick. He’s got a stomach of steel and usually tolerates everything very well. So, I know its bad when he’s actually miserable. And I feel like I don’t know what to do when he’s like that. But, we’re surviving and hopefully he’ll be back up to full speed soon.

Haddie and I worked in the flower garden yesterday afternoon. Its slowly coming around. I sure enjoyed getting to see all the animals and insects with Haddie. We saw squirrels, roosters, cats, lizards, birds, a toad, a rabbit, roly-pollies, dragon flies, butterflies, and ants. It cracks me up how she says “hi” to everything. She still freaks out if a bug comes too close to her. Which makes it quite interesting with it being love bug season and all. She’s even started to run to me in the house if she sees a dark spot on the floor that she thinks is a bug (usually its not). Not sure why she’s suddenly gotten a bug fear and she hasn’t even seen me get freaked out by bugs. Weird. But she actually held a roly-polly for a few seconds today. That’s gotta be some kind of progress.


One Response to “Been a Few”

  1. addy1013 Says:

    a love-bug landed on t the other day, and he FREAKED. i thought he might die.

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