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History of a House June 1, 2010

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Buying a house seems like its always an adventure. And ours has been no exception! Since I talked so much about our house projects last post, I thought I’d give you a little history of ours, complete with before pictures (if I can figure out how to get them in). We bought our house 5 ½ years ago during the time of the crazy house market. There was very little selling in our price range and everything we looked at was seriously bought with cash within a few days of its listing. We were getting pretty annoyed that everything was getting snatched out under us. So, when Seth looked at our house, he quickly made an offer (before I had even seen it!). And boy was I shocked when I saw it. Talk about a fixer-upper! But for the price, it was right.

Here’s the condition of the house when we signed the papers:

Kitchen: One set of cabinets under the counter and a completely different set mounted on the wall. The fridge seriously had inches of mold growing inside as it had been unplugged and left sitting closed for months.

Family Room: Huge broken AC unit in the wall, sparkles on the ceiling (seriously…who puts those on their ceilings?). Solid wood floors covered in paint splatters (way to ruin it!)

Our Bedroom: cat poop on the floor (no joke!), big yellow squares painted on the wall (we had to sand every square before we could paint it!), plywood floors.

Our Bathroom: Disgusting! We never used the shower, but when Seth tore it out 4 months later, it was still wet underneath it. The shower knobs were outside the shower over the toilet (again, who does that?). Gross floors.

Dining Room: Two huge mirrors mounted across from each other (do we want to watch ourselves eat or what?). Fake wood paneling on the walls (some pieces didn’t even match each other). A cracked window. And mortared bricks in the corner about waist high (still have no idea why those were there!).

Guest Bedroom 1: Solid wood floors that are covered in paint splatter and it actually looks like someone spilled a can of paint in the middle of the floor without cleaning it up (way to ruin the floor!). The walls are painted with clouds, rainbows, sunshines and words like ‘love,’ and ‘peace.’ Again, we had to sand each stinkin painting.

Guest Bedroom 2: Bottom half of walls midnight blue, top half white and a half peeled off border of wallpaper.

Misc: House had no central AC. Actually had fleas! Funny story—my dad actually came in with cat flea collars around his ankles because he was getting bitten so badly. And I guess it actually worked!

Being on a ministry salary means that we have slowly redone the house as we’ve had time and money. And having such generous friends and family means that we have been given so much free stuff and help—carpet, roof materials, dishwasher, furniture, etc. God has been good to us and it has definitely been an adventure. We still have a ways to go and I can’t wait to see how the house finally turns out. But like everyone seems to say, when you get the house just as you want it, you end up moving. Hopefully that won’t be the case for us! Even if it is, I’m sure we have a long ways to go.


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