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Bummed June 2, 2010

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 10:57 am

Well, Seth is still sick. At least he’s not throwing up still, but he’s definitely still sick. Its weird because I haven’t seen him this sick or at least laying around this much in I don’t know how long. I actually can’t remember him feeling this bad for this long. Its weird because I’m still sleeping in the guest bedroom and have pretty much not stepped foot in our bedroom or bathroom. They’re in the quarantine zone, along with his recliner. So, poor Seth has been able to hold Haddie or even touch her since Sunday afternoon. And the same goes for any hugs or kisses (with me of course), too. Feels so weird. I feel bad for him, but I also feel a bit selfish to. I want some help with Haddie, I want to get my house back in order, but I can’t until he’s up to putting some of it back together (like the baseboards and such laying around). Oh well…this too shall pass. So, I’m trying my best to not complain (at least out loud) and to make the best of it. Well…now its time to go make the Puppy Chow for my high school D-Group tonight. Surely that will be a pick-me-up.


2 Responses to “Bummed”

  1. addy1013 Says:

    mmm….puppy chow. i like that you’re not complaining…out loud 😉

    • Lacey Says:

      I still have some puppy chow left over. Weird how the teens in our group don’t eat much. I think the guys are just trying to pretend they eat healthy or are too afraid to eat in front of everyone? anyways…probably gonna bring some to the girls night…if it makes it through D-group. : )

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