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Cool Vacation Spots June 2, 2010

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 2:49 pm

I saw this article in a magazine recently (I think it was Better Homes & Gardens) about “Travel Unplugged” aka rustic vacation spots that typically don’t even get cell phone reception. The places sound pretty cool to me, but are somewhat out of our price range. But I thought I’d still share them with you in case any of you have more $ for vacations than we do. They could also be cool spots for big family or church trips.

Rent Your Own Island: Darien, GA (2 guests/$400 a night or 3-10 guests/$500 a night)

Treetop Adventure: Canadys, SC ($125 per person/per night)

Blue Ridge Mountains: Bedford, VA (around $125 night per room)


2 Responses to “Cool Vacation Spots”

  1. Sarah Schneider Says:

    Hey, let’s all save up for the island and go together! It would only be 250 each! I can’t be totally serious about this suggestion right now, but it would be a lot of fun. Maybe one day. We could at least camp together someday. That’s pretty cheap.

    • Lacey Says:

      I agree. I always like vacations that are cheap and that are isolated. The island idea is so cool to me. Although I don’t know if I like only being about to get there by boat. I think I’d feel a little trapped. But still would be cool.

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