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How My Garden Grows June 3, 2010

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 11:24 pm

Recently I’ve been trying to get my garden back in shape. I’m not very good at actually covering my plants during the cold snaps, so I tend to have some plants that don’t make it to spring. Thankfully most of mine have survived. Anyways, my garden tends to change flowers every year depending on what survives, and what’s the cheapest to buy at Walmart to replace the dead plants. I’m pretty happy w/ my flower garden so far this year. I’ve almost gotten it done, except I need to pick up a couple more flowers and dig up some from my friend’s yard (thanks Adrienne…and yes, she wants them out of her yard!). I also am still deciding where to plant these awesome Passion Flower vines I pulled up in the woods during our latest mudding adventure.

Passion Flower Vine

Here’s some of the good flower deals I’ve bought recently:

Marigolds: $0.95 each, grow best in full sun and I recently read that they are natural mosquito repellent (something we definitely need in my yard!)


Purslane: $1.30, grow best in full sun


Backyard Flowers: With our new free hot tub, came these steps. But seeing as we have no room for the steps on our porch, I decided to make it into a planter to hide my not so pretty back of the house. My mom got me the pots for Mother’s Day and I filled them with flowers that go best in partial sun. They were each $4 or under at Walmart. My mom also bought the frog and bunny statues. Haddie says “hi” to them whenever we go outside.


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