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Yay God June 3, 2010

Filed under: God thoughts,Life — Lacey @ 11:11 pm

I am enjoying blogging (obviously since I keep posting stuff). But its funny because now I keep wanting to check how many people have visited my blog…like it really matters at all. And I keep thinking randomly…”oh I should write about that in my blog,” about everything. I’m such a nerd.

One of the girls from youth group came over today and helped me do some painting. Its interesting to see how much people (especially the teens) will open up to you when you’re busy working and not having direct eye contact. Some really interesting and surprisingly serious conversations have happened recently between some of the teens and me during the projects at my house. Its cool to see how God works in their lives. I’m getting pretty excited about the changes I’m seeing take place. Attitudes transformed, deeper thoughts and open hearts. Yay, God!

I’m also really happy (or more accurately…joyful) at how God is working in our new youth programs. We were somewhat leery at how the kids were going to respond to the changes from a big youth group of both middle and high schoolers to separating them into a middle school program and separate high school D-groups. But God is really doing some awesome stuff. The kids are opening up (at least most of them) and overall attendance hasn’t dropped and we’re actually getting new kids. Ironically, the middle schoolers are more willing to play wild and crazy games since the high schoolers aren’t there and they don’t have to impress them.

I’m also super excited about the girls in my D-group. They’re starting to pray more for each other. I challenged them to memorize 1 verse this week (they get to pick) and before the meeting was even over one of them was already excited to show me the verse she chose. And another showed me her verse tonight. So cool. Anyways…again, just wanna say “Yay God!”

And on a funny note….
Recently when we’re outside, Haddie will walk over to my car and try to open the door (she’s just talk enough to grab the handle, but not yet open it). Then she’ll say “keys, keys.” And the other day, she walked to the driver’s door and said “drive, keys.” I asked her if she wanted to drive and she said “yes.” And she’s already walking around talking on her play phone all the time. Boy, am I in for trouble!


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