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Sparkles June 8, 2010

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 6:04 pm

So I think I finally finished repainting our family room ceiling. The sparkles are officially gone…well at least I hope so. I felt like I was going in circles because I kept finding more and more sparkles we had missed. I’d get up on the stool only to discover I couldn’t see them at that angle, so I’d have to bend and stoop to struggle to find them. I’m sure I looked pretty ridiculous. I’m sure there will still be some renegade sparkles that made it through the cover up. My only hope is that won’t be anywhere very noticeable. I officially hate sparkles…especially on ceilings. And I hate the person (I know hate is a strong word…but its justified in this case), that decided to drastically texture and spray sparkles on the ceiling. The combination of the two have taken hours to paint. So, beware…if you are wear clothing or makeup with sparkles around me, I made have the urge to kill you…or paint you!

The only enjoyable part of the painting was when I put music on and started dancing with Haddie. She was hilarious. And not long into our goofy dancing, I was tired! Boy am I out of shape! Once I started painting again, Haddie still wanted me to dance on the stool I was standing on. I did a little, but my life flashed before my eyes…so I stopped. jk. Anyways, I love my baby, she makes me laugh so much. Although a few times I wanted to yell. One, when she almost put a pillow on the couch that was covered w/ plastic, which was covered w/ paint splatters. Two, when she wouldn’t stop putting her peanut butter and jelly covered hands in her hair. But I love her…and I’m dreading the terrible twos!


One Response to “Sparkles”

  1. addy1013 Says:

    i’m sure you looked more ridiculous saying “RAH!” to the squirrel. 😉

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