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Community June 11, 2010

Filed under: God thoughts,Life — Lacey @ 6:12 pm

I am realizing more and more how much God has blessed me, specifically in the area of friends. I truly have the best “family” that I could hope for. I’m not talking specifically about my biological family, but more about my spiritual family. Yes, Seth’s and my family have really been big blessings in our lives, but God’s Church is becoming even more a part of our “family” as well. Recently, like I think I’ve mentioned before, our church has made some changes to its services and overall structure to emphasize small groups (D-Groups) so that it will become more of a community, after the design of the first church in the Bible. The first Christians really lived their lives together on a daily basis and they were a true family. So, we want our church to be the same thing and to really make an impact on each other and the outside community.

Anyways. I am rejoicing in the fact that I am seeing this happen already and we’re only about a month or so into the changes. I love seeing the differences in the youth groups’ lives and in our young adults’ lives. And I love seeing the difference its making in my life already. God is truly so good. He knows what we need, and He usually chooses to work through other people, not some mysterious force. I am loving the “realness” that is resulting. Sometimes its discouraging to hear the “real” things that people are doing in their lives, but at the same time its encouraging to realize that if we weren’t having these deeper times of accountability and sharing, we wouldn’t truly be knowing what’s going on. More and more, I’m finding prayer coming naturally as I’m thinking of the people in our groups and the struggles or good things that are happening in their lives. As I think of them, I find myself praying for them and caring more and more about them. These type of groups make it so much easier to relate to each other, to see things we can help with, and to actually have the setting and closeness needed to help. Again, God is so good.

I am also realizing how much God works through other people as we hear them share. Sometimes things come better into focus in our own lives. Our eyes are open to things we maybe assumed were always “okay” or “normal.” We get creative new ideas or views on scripture. We get new ideas of how to serve and praise God. So truly awesome.

I recently stumbled across a blog by a self proclaimed agnostic. A lot of what she said really frustrated me. I typically feel pretty annoyed when I’m talking w/ them because I feel like I how so many things to say to them and their wrong assumptions, but I can never simplify it enough to actually write or respond back. But anyways. She was talking about being raised a Mormon, but living the church sometime in her high school or college years. And how churches seem to be filled w/ hypocrites and judgmental people (isn’t that always there complaint?). She mentioned a lot of other negative things she wanted to avoid exposing her child to that were in church settings. But the one major thing she missed that she saw in church goers lives was community. Interesting. I’m so glad I have it in mine…along with all the other immense blessings God and His Church provide. The Church is real, filled with imperfect people, but isn’t it amazing that God still chooses to work through us, love us and forgive us? What an awesome God! I can’t imagine life being any other way. And I’m excited because we’re going to our young adult group tonight! : )


2 Responses to “Community”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Lacey I love you!!! You are an amazing addition to the spiritual family we have. I love being apart of this church, I believe it’s the reason God moved us down here. I love our family;D

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