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Meals for a Month June 14, 2010

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After talking to a friend last week about budgeting and daily scheduling, she inspired me to start planning our meals on a monthly basis. Since I’ve been off work, I’ve been trying to cook more and plan my meals on a weekly basis anyways, so this wasn’t that hard. I went through my recipe book and chose 3 meals for each week. I figured that for the other meals, we’ll either have leftovers, not be home (with all the evening church activites) or not have time to actually cook. And the last few weeks I’ve only planned 3 meals and at times I haven’t even been able to cook those because of the above reasons. I’ve decided to share my meal choices with you, maybe to inspire you…or so you borrow my ideas. I’ll be posting the recipes as I go for most of the meals. I’ll be shopping week to week for the ingredients and whatever else I normally need.

And a note about my recipe book, I a few years ago I made my own by taking a 3 ring binder, and put in dividers for Breakfast, Sides, Main Course and Dessert. Then when I find a recipe I like or want to try, I just tear it out of the magazine, print it from online or make a copy if its in a cookbook. Its worked out to be so easy to find recipes and to decide on meals.

I am also working on a price comparison chart between the 4 stores that I most often shop at. I’ve already completed Walmart, ALDI, and Sam’s, just have to finish my Publix part. I think you’ll find it pretty interesting. Honestly, I had no idea how much of a price difference there was between the stores! And you’re going to wish you had an ALDI near you, if you don’t have one already.

Oh…and to continue from my last post. A spider has stuck again! Bleh. After putting Haddie to bed last night, we were walking into the family room and there was a HUGE spider up in the corner near the ceiling. I yelped, and made Seth kill it. He even thought it was huge, like almost record breaking size, because he wanted to take a picture of it. Barf. Anyways. He killed it. Now I think its getting to be bug bombing time. Seriously. When I went into my bedroom after that episode, I started talking to any spiders that might be hiding. Yes, I seriously said…”Ok, any of you hiding in here, you better stay hidden or you will meet your demise. Oh, and why don’t you just go outside anyways?” Seth thought it was pretty funny. And I made him shake out our comforter to make sure we were spider free. Ok. Now that you think I’m crazy…onto the meal plans.

Week One
General Tsos Chicken, Rice & Egg Rolls
Beef Stroganoff, Corn, Salad
-Tacos, Rice & Mexican Chili Dip

Week Two
Pumpkin Chicken Penne, Salad
Moroccan Beef, Rice
Chicken Stromboli, Summer Squash Casserole

Week Three
Chicken Rollatini, Salad
Chicken Enchilada Casserole, Salad
Southwest Soup, Rice & Cornbread

Week Four
Pork Tenderloin w/ Roasted Veggies, Salad
Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole, Salad
-Blackened Fish (Seth will be cooking this one…but he doesn’t know it yet!)


2 Responses to “Meals for a Month”

  1. siempreswt Says:

    You are so organized. Brian would LOVE for me to do this…or even attempt at being more of a sahm– and do more cooking, but that just isn’t going to happen. Frozen pizza, mac-n-cheese, and burgers, please! šŸ˜‰ He is the cook at our house… way to go Lacey! Sounds awesome!

    • Lacey Says:

      Yeah, but you work. I just think that since I’m not working and trying to make it financially, I need to treat staying home like a job and be as organized and intentional as possible.

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