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My $5 Investment June 14, 2010

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I used to feel so embarrassed when Seth would go garbage hunting. Not that he did it often, or ever brought home that much. And not that he actually digs through people’s garbage, but on occasional he’d see big items that weren’t that bad and bring them home. The most famous example was his recliner.

He found it on the side of 192 coming back from FCC a couple years ago. I wasn’t with him…or it never would have found its way into our house. I was talking to him on the phone on my way from work when he started telling me the story. He said he found the chair and it “wasn’t that bad.” But his “not that bad” really can’t be trusted. Sometimes his judgment is a bit off…maybe because he’s a guy or because he’s really cheap…who knows. Anyways. He told me he febreezed it and had to fix a screw, but that it was really great. I told him “its not going in my house.” He responded with a long pause, then said “too late.” I was a little ticked, but he was had already left for church so I couldn’t make him move it (and I wasn’t about to move it…especially since I was probably 6 months pregnant and you have to walk up 3 big steps to get inside our house). To my surprise it really didn’t look that bad (the picture doesn’t do it justice). There wasn’t any pet hair or stains on it. And I couldn’t smell anything besides the febreeze. And he stole my heart when I saw the handwritten sign on it that said “Daddy & Haddie’s Chair.” Remember, I was about 6 months pregnant…and emotional, I’m sure. Anyways. That chair stayed with us a couple years until I finally saved up enough money (thanks to some generous bday and Christmas gifts from the parents), to buy a new living room set. I bought Seth a new recliner that better matched the new couch set. And we actually sold the recliner on craigslist for a little bit of money.

But now…I have become like my husband, mainly good I think : ) Before D-Group a few weeks ago, I noticed someone was throwing out an small entertainment center and a recliner. I passed the recliner by…Didn’t need another one of those! But I’ve been wanting a new entertainment center that was smaller since we moved the room around. But I couldn’t justify spending another $100-200 that we didn’t have. So we’d been making due with using our coffee table as a TV stand. Anyways. So, I roped a couple of our high school guys into going and getting the entertainment center for me. And our D-Group host kindly held onto the entertainment center until Seth could bring the truck to get it. Now, once we got it inside I realized that it was coming apart some and it had some decent scratches and knicks. But I’m pretty proud of what its become now. I bought at $5 staining pen from Walmart and fixed up the scratches this morning. And now it looks so much better! Seth also nailed and glued the failing parts together. So, all in all, I’m pretty proud of my $5 entertainment center! The angle is a little weird on the picture, but hopefully you can still tell how great it looks! Especially since it would have been at least $100 at any store.

And our D-Group host was also throwing out a pile of decent baseboards and four doors. Needless to say, those have made their way to our home as well. Seth put up two of the doors inside, since ours have never been replaced, and really needed to be. So, now I just have to buy some white paint and touch up some of the scratches and places he had to cut to fit them in. And the baseboards are still calling my name to painted so Seth can nail them up in our room. I love our generous friends and family…and how our thrifty (ok, cheap) nature pays off.


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  1. Tracy Says:

    Wow you did great. Love your story to.

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