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Grocery Price Comparison Charts June 15, 2010

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After weeks of working on this project during my normal grocery shopping, I have finally finished it. I began it out of curiosity and also in an attempt to be more intentional about my shopping/money saving. Below are two slightly different word documents. The first is a more basic price comparison between the items we regularly purchase. The second has the same information as the first, but it also has a per unit (whether oz, # or lb) breakdown that better shows you how much each item costs.

Let me briefly explain what you’ll be seeing on these charts. First of all, you may be in for a surprise as to the actual prices of items…and how much you can save at certain stores. I did the comparisons between ALDI, Walmart, Publix and Sams. Some of you may not have an ALDI near you. And for that I appologize…you’re missing out on some awesome deals! These are the stores I most often frequent and the ones that are closest to my house. For some of you it won’t be worth it to go to multiple stores to buy the cheapest things. Especially if there’s a decent distance between the stores or from your home. Thankfully all are within 6-7 miles of my house and 3 of them are within a mile of each other.

Second, I charted off brands as much as possible. And in some cases, I charted the cheapest of the off brands if there were multiple choices. If there wasn’t an off brand (which is mostly the case at Sams), I chose the cheapest of the brands. There are two exceptions…Coca-Cola and Tropicana Orange Juice. These are the items that I am most picky about. I guess you could say they’re the two things I indulge in, at least price wise. I figure its more worthwhile to spend a little more if I’m actually going to enjoy it and drink it. But anyways. For the most part on everything else, the off brands have the same quality as the name brands (as far as I have experienced). I noted most of the items that were name brand. The one exception, I think, was goldfish crackers. The only name brand ones were from Publix and Sams. The others were either Sharks or Whales (depending on the stores). If you have any questions concerning brands or anything else, feel free to comment and ask. I’ll try to answer to the best of my memory.

Third, the boxes that are highlighted in yellow are the cheapest in each category. For majority of items, it ended up being ALDI, but some of the others might surprise you. I also tried to leave a few rows at the end of each chart so you can add your own. If you need more rows, it should be easy enough to add them yourself on the Word document.

This is my first time trying to attach a word document to my post. If it doesn’t open for you, please comment and give me your email address (or if you don’t want it to be public, just comment and request me to email it to you). It will usually just show me your email address w/ the comment, but no one else can see it. That way I’ll try to email it to you in a format you can open better.

I hope these charts help you to save money and better plan your shopping. Have fun!

This chart would be the easiest to print out and take with you to the store:
Basic Price Comparison

Prices Comparisons with Per Unit Breakdowns

A few notes about the stores:

-Has mainly off brands (their own brand)
-Doesn’t take coupons
-You need to bring your own bags or purchase some there
-You have to bag your own groceries
-You need a quarter to get a cart
-All of the above help to save you money!
-Probably won’t have everything on your shopping list, so plan to go to another store, too.


-Have to have a membership (which depending on how much you’re going to buy, may cancel out any savings)
-Bring own bags or boxes
-Have to bag your own groceries
-Doesn’t take coupons
-Have to buy in bulk (which is a problem for us because we don’t have that much storage and in a lot of cases we wouldn’t use all of an item before it went bad)
-Also, probably won’t have everything on your list
-I really like their pharmacist at the Cocoa store (friendly, helpful and fast)–You don’t have to have a Sams membership to fill prescriptions here.


-Take coupons, but most of their prices are higher
-Has a lot of sales, especially their BOGO (which sometimes will make it worth it to buy name brand), especially w/ coupons!
-Has great customer service
-Has bags, will usually bag it for you, and will even take it out to your car


-Takes coupons
-Prices are typically cheap
-Rarely has sales, except for their clearance items
-Has everything you’ll probably need on your list
-Customer service is typically lacking a bit


4 Responses to “Grocery Price Comparison Charts”

  1. Susan D Says:

    1. I’m impressed!
    2. Wishing we had an ALDI here in Melbourne. I’ve never heard of it.

  2. Nancye Says:

    Wow! It’s nice to see someone as OCD as I am!!! 🙂

    I agree with you about certain brands — there are some things I don’t mind getting generic, but Diet Coke can never be substituted!

    The other thing I am picky about is meat — out of the stores you have listed, I think Publix has the best tasting beef, and I’ll pay more for it because of the taste. However, our favorite place to get beef is BJ’s — low prices and good taste. We try to hit BJ’s when we know we are already going to be on Merritt Island (church days, mostly!).

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