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My Love-Hate Relationship With Walmart June 15, 2010

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I have always liked how you can go one stop shopping at Walmart. I can get Haddie’s diapers, craft supplies, dishes, food and clothes all in one place. Nice…especially when Haddie was younger and it was harder to shop for long periods of time with her. I mean, I grew up shopping at Walmart all…the…time. But recently my relationship with Walmart has become more of a love-hate type. I used to be able to tolerate their lack of customer service, items out of stock, and lack of actual sales (besides clearance). But last week I was almost ready to call it quits.

I went to buy paint to finish my sparkles covering project. I was tired and worn out from having a sleep over with the girls the night before and trying to finish up some of the painting/cleaning work. I went to the paint counter, and of course no one was there. I waited a few minutes, walked around looking for someone, got the paint I wanted to be mixed, and waited some more. Finally the old guy that normally works the paint counter shows up. I walk up to the counter (his back was to me) and made enough noise so that he would know I was there (he was busy doing something else). He ignored me for a while, then finally came to the counter. Only he kept his head down and started filling out a paper. He said “can’t help you, I’m off the clock. I’ve gotta finish this or I’m gonna get in trouble.” I was a bit taken aback. Then I said, “well, can’t you call someone else to help me” (important point…there was a phone only 2 feet away from him). He kept his head down and said “no.” I was thinking…umm…what? Oh no, he didn’t just say that! I was ready to get some girl attitude going. I was fuming inside. So I walked away before I did something drastic. Yeah, like I would have guts to do anything outrageous. I just couldn’t believe this guy. I guess he finally changed his mind because about 5-10 minutes later I saw him on the phone, then heard someone page for customer assistance in paint.

And of course, no one came! I waited a few more minutes, walked around again looking for some one, and finally went to electronics. The guy there said he could do it. He came and appologized, saying that the old guy gets complaints and written up all the time for being rude. I was thinking…why does he still have a job??? Anyways, the electronics guy called a manager for me and I complained. But of course, I doubt anything actually happened because the next time I went back…there he was. And yesterday, the lines were seriously the longest I’ve seen since I can remember. Even at Christmas. Oh, the annoyances.

But then I find cute things like this and I can’t yet bear to break off the relationship:

Super Cute Summer Tablecloth--Only $4

Green Basket--On Sale $4. I also got a dark brown one.

Farkle. Our new favorite game.

And our new favorite game–Farkle. Only $4.97. Its like Yahtzee, but different…with more risks. And for the record, I’ve beaten Seth 3 out of the 4 times we’ve played : )


5 Responses to “My Love-Hate Relationship With Walmart”

  1. Jenna Says:

    Lacey that table cloth is super cute! I agree with you on the Wal-mart thing. Next time we have any sort of get together I want to learn how to play farkle. :] you got me hooked on skip-bo and phase10 :]

    • Lacey Says:

      Yay : ) I have Phase 10 dice and another version called Phase 10 Upset thats kinda like a combo of the regular game and Connect 4.

  2. Sarah Schneider Says:

    It’s a good thing it was you and not me that this happened to. I would have definitely said something. I think working at Publix gave us high expectations for customer service in other work places. I am always shocked as a consumer. I don’t think I’ve ever had any problems with the Wal-mart here.

    • Lacey Says:

      I was just so taken aback that I didn’t know what to say, except “hey stupid man do your job!” Yeah, working at Publix and shopping w/ my sister has definitely given me higher expectations. I remember having to deal with all those weird customers and their complaints. And we’d have to refund their money everytime. Even if almost all the crackers were eaten or the whole bag of lettuce was gone. I can’t imagine ever asking for money back like that. But oh well. Thats probably why Publix prices are higher.

  3. siempreswt Says:

    Wal-mart frustrates me also. However, just a “plug”– Sam’s refuses to be like them though…at least ours in Cocoa… is “awesome”. From an employee’s wife… I hear the ins and the outs…and I know that they strive for the best customer service…so, obviously one side of the company is trying to do right!!

    I don’t understand common courtesy… I mean… making the call and going the extra few steps to help the customer goes a LONG way!! What frustrates me, is you get in line to check out and they turn the light OFF. Ugh!! LOL. Their lines are the worst… 😉

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