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Weird, Cheap & Creative June 15, 2010

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 10:14 pm

Ok, I know I’m going post happy today. My husband is passed in his recliner, my daughter is in bed, and I’m just not tired yet. Plus I keep being a blogging freak and thinking…”I can write that in my blog.” About everything. I know, get a life. For some reason I’m really enjoying blogging. Like one of my friends said, its a good outlet. And I guess I like writing and sharing our quirky life more than I thought I would. Anyways….

Today, I fixed one of Haddie’s super cute sandals after it broke by sewing the parts back together. Seth goes through flip flops reasonably quickly (at least compared to me) because he’s always in the middle of dirty nasty projects, wears them everywhere and he’s just got monster feet. So, he was complaining and saying that maybe he should sew his flip flops back together. I disagreed, seeing as his shoes are always so gross and worn out anyways. What’s the use? He was complaining about how he wants durable shoes but doesn’t want to pay a lot of money for them. So, he came up with the bright (and weird, and cheap and creative) idea to make his own flip flops. First he thought of wood and rope, but I told him it would be way too uncomfortable. Then he thought of using some of his old tires that he has sitting by the shed. So, hours and lots of sweat later…he comes in with these…(he’s ready to start taking orders…jk)

And my question is…is he actually going to wear these?

I highly doubt it. They’ve got to be too heavy and uncomfortable. He tells me they’re only outside shoes because of the steel cables he’s using for straps. They already stratched up the concrete from how they’re tied on the bottoms. Nice. Please don’t step on my feet then. And yes, his hands and feet are very gross in these pictures. That’s normal for him. Oh, my creative husband. And yes, weird, very weird at times. But I love him anyways. But don’t worry he’s not going to be allowed to wear these creations out anywhere!


3 Responses to “Weird, Cheap & Creative”

  1. siempreswt Says:

    I love this. I think it’s way creative…and what’s even funnier, is Brian is really crafty like that too. 😉 🙂 Haha. Soo funny. Thanks for the post. Needed something like that to hear/read today!

  2. kellyfaith1 Says:

    Ehem…He won’t where them anywhere? Is this the comment on the same sandals that i saw him wearing today…at the mall!?! hahaha…i think it’s SO funny. I really…honestly want an order;D

    • Lacey Says:

      Yeah…he over ruled me on that. I made him promise me to bring a pair of shoes with him. If he brought them, he obviously forgot to change them.

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