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Flip Flops, Part 3–Seth’s Forever Flops June 16, 2010

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Ready for another good laugh? Seth texted me a marketing description of his flip flops, complete with his new name for them: FOREVER FLOPS. Oh, where does the creativity end?

Here’s the 10 Advantages of Forever Flops

(Written by none other than the inventor himself):

  1. Lasts a lifetime (just replace the clothesline bands and you can pass them down to your grandchildren)
  2. Made with common everyday parts for easy replacement and customization
  3. Does not scratch floors
  4. Improved traction
  5. Will not fade in weather (looks as good as the day you got them)
  6. Choices of various types of tread and ply (can be made to match your vehicle or leave a cool footprint)
  7. Steel belted style can be used as a personal safety device, hammer, sander, scraper, rough cleaning wire brush or light duty pry-bar
  8. Superior durability (will not be pierced by nails or other sharp objects)
  9. Makes a unique fashion statement (accepted in many countries)
  10. Is a fabulous conversation starter and makes a great gift

And I’d add….helps to save the environment by recycling old tires!

So if you’re interested, he might start taking orders.  Depends on what you’re willing to pay. haha

If you’re a little bit lost because you missed parts one and two, read:

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4 Responses to “Flip Flops, Part 3–Seth’s Forever Flops”

  1. addy1013 Says:

    this whole “forever flops” is KILLING me!!!! so typical seth. i love it! though i won’t be ordering any anytime soon. jed, on the other hand……….

    • Lacey Says:

      Yeah, don’t blame you. Maybe he could make Titus, Malachi and Jed matching ones? Oh, I’m laughing just thinking about it. I wouldn’t be surprised though if after he wears them tonight that the middle school boys will all want some. Should be interesting

  2. kellyfaith1 Says:

    Hey let Seth know…that…ehemm…I would be willing to test them out!(:

  3. Chris Says:

    He should make it Wednesday night craft project and have all of the kids wearing them.

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