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Seth’s Flip Flops, Part 2 June 16, 2010

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So, he’s seriously obsessed with these tire flip flops he’s made (if you missed part one of the story, read Weird, Cheap & Creative ). When I got up this morning, he was working to make them more comfortable. He tried putting this plastic tubing around the metal cables, but after walking around outside a bit, he said it was worse than before. And he actually felt like his feet were getting bruised. Ok…here’s where I’m like…um…why don’t you just wear normal shoes then?

Now he’s replaced the metal cables with plastic coated clothesline. So far he thinks they’re better. And now that they don’t have the metal on the bottom to scratch the floor, he thinks they’re ok to wear in the house. Great. Just great. He cracked me up by saying that now that the “straps” are white, they can appeal to both genders. Yeah, like anyone is really going to be jumping at the chance to have their own “Tire Flip Flops.” Oh, and now he’s going to wear them to youth group tonight to “show the middle schoolers.” I told him he wasn’t supposed to wear them out and he says “that wasn’t ever part of the deal.” Great. Just Great. I made him promise to bring another pair of shoes with him.

He even made me try them on. I tried to resist and ignore him. After all, I was in the middle of cooking the blueberry muffins. But he stood there and begged me (yes, begged me!) over and over until I didn’t have a choice but to agree.

And I confirmed by earlier suspicions about them being heavy and uncomfortable. Well, he’s been wearing them around since this morning and you can definitely hear him coming. He said that the loudness just fits his personality. Just like his truck. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. He was randomly looking on Amazon, and you won’t be able to guess what he found….

Yes, this is what you think it is. Recycle tire flip flops for sale on Amazon

Only $29.99 and they can be yours!

He also found these on Amazon, too.

They’re made from actual yoga mats. Just what I need…for him to get another bright idea. Thankfully I don’t own a yoga mat, but I’m sure that won’t stop him.

And now he’s made another pair. No joke. This time from old dirt bike tires. He says these are soooo much lighter. Oh brother. He still sounds like an elephant walking.

I think he’s just trying to avoid working on the To-Do List I made him last week. Why do guys always hate those lists? I guess I’d hate it to if he actually made me a To-Do List. Guess I’m glad he doesn’t. But I know my list would only have 1 item on it over and over…if you get my drift. But anyways.


2 Responses to “Seth’s Flip Flops, Part 2”

  1. kellyfaith1 Says:

    I want light ones…oh goodness…I just see this turning into something BIG..it kinda is inspiring me..ehemm…we’ll see.

    • Lacey Says:

      He can’t make light bottoms on them because they’re the black tire. But he’s already brainstorming ideas on how to “decorate them” for girls. Stay tuned for the results. And Kelly, what size do you wear : )

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