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Publix Sales June 17, 2010

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I love Publix, especially for their weekly sales. But as I discovered in my grocery price comparisons (posted earlier this week), they’re definitely not the cheapest. Even with their sales. But I do prefer their produce to Walmart or ALDI. Sam’s is pretty good with their produce, but there’s no way we’d use it before it would go bad (because of the large sizes of their packages). Anyways. Here’s the Publix Ad for this week:
Publix Ad

You can also sign up on their website to get the ad emailed to you each week. Pretty nifty for meal planning.

Here’s the sales I’m going to check out (and compare to my price list first). I may have to move my planned meals around to accommodate the sales.
-Yellow Squash $.99/lb
-Corn on the cobb 10/$2.00 (keep in mind, you don’t have to get all 10 for the sale price, same goes for all their prices that are listed this way)
-Vine Ripe Tomatoes $.79/lb
-Lemons 3/$1.00
-Mangos $1 each
-Blueberries 2/$3
-Red Raspberries 2/$4
-Blackberries $2/5
-Bakery Pizza Dough (16 oz) $1.79
-Coke cans 12pk Buy 2 Get 1 Free
-Eggo Waffles BOGO
-Purex (I think its the 64 load) $4.99


2 Responses to “Publix Sales”

  1. Renata Says:

    i especially like their B1G1 offers because you can even use a coupon for the free product. there’s a $1 eggo coupon on coupons.com, and it usually allows you to print it twice. it says it’s for target only, but publix takes competitors coupons.

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