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Haddie’s Bookcase June 22, 2010

Filed under: Life,Misc — Lacey @ 5:18 pm

I fell in love with this bookcase from One Step Ahead . But it cost $69.95, which is out of our budget.

I talked to my dad because he is super handy in making stuff and requested him to make one for Haddie for a gift. After much hard work he completed it and Haddie got it for Christmas. His version was a bit bigger than I expected, but I still really like it. It holds 2 more baskets, which help to keep her room more organized. We put her board books in the baskets on the bottom and all her books with paper pages up in the racks above. As you can see, we’re already overflowing with books. But thats a good problem to have. She loves reading books. She must have gotten that from me.

It’ll be a little while til she can reach the top books!

And on a side note, here’s a pic of Haddie playing with her Father’s Day present for Seth. Now she can help Daddy while he’s working on his projects!


One Response to “Haddie’s Bookcase”

  1. Jenn Says:

    That’s awesome!! I love the one your dad did!! We’re using window sills for right now…but we keep getting books galore, so I need to do something… to stay more organized!! Once more…that is awesome. Love it. 🙂

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