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Big Girl June 23, 2010

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Ok…so if potty talk (as in potty training talk) grosses you out, then stop reading. So, I’m pretty excited and Seth isn’t home to share this with, so you guys (actually more like ladies) get to hear this first.

The past week or two Haddie has been pretty into using her potty chair. We’re not stressing it seeing as she’s not even two yet. But I figure why not encourage her excitement and learning? She’s not actually wearing underwear yet or anything. But sometimes when we’re going to change her diaper we ask her if she’d like to try to the potty before we put on a new one. That or before bathtime we have her sit down while we count to twenty. Mainly just to teach her to sit on it for a few secs and the counting with her has actually taught her to count (I think she’s up to 7 or 8 now). Anyways. She’s actually getting the hang of using the potty now (at least for pee). I think its so funny because she’ll go a little bit, then get up to look, sit down again, go a little more, get up to look. And when she toots she looks like she’s expecting something for that, too. Which is funny because tonight she actually pooped in the potty for the first time. I don’t think she meant to because she seemed so surprised and a little scared at what it was. It surprised me too….at first I was thinking, how did she get a grape in there? (yes, gross, I know) But then I realized what it was and was a little too excited I think. But then she realized it was a good thing and got excited too. But she was still a bit freaked out by it. Guess she’s never realized what’s been inside of her diapers. But she still seems excited about using the potty…especially since I told her if she keeps going in it, we can get her some Dora underwear! She liked that idea a lot! : )

Its funny about what types of conversations parents have with each other…or with anyone for that matter. Especially when we reach brand new milestones with our kids.


One Response to “Big Girl”

  1. Sarah Schneider Says:

    Going poo in the potty is a HUGE deal. It sounds like she’s ready to potty train full force. Yeah!

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