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Backyard Fun June 24, 2010

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We headed outside today to pick up sticks so that Seth can mow before he leaves for CIY. I don’t exactly know why, but mowing is one of the chores that he hates and avoids at all costs. Evidenced by the grass that is almost knee high in some spots and over waist high for Haddie! Its like pulling teeth to get the man to mow AND weed eat. I know its a miserable job because of the heat…but come on! But then again, I’m not going to volunteer to do it either…so I guess I can’t fault him too much! Maybe its because he used to have a lawn business for years so he’s had enough grass cutting for a couple lifetimes?

Well, anyhow. We went outside to pick up sticks. And I ended up taking a few pics because is this not the cutest girl you’ve ever seen?

She’s really getting good at smiling for pictures without looking like she dying. And she’s really into taking pictures of me for some reason. She keeps asking “picture mommy, picture mommy.” And she gets seriously upset if I don’t let her take a picture. Now, mind you, I do have to actually push the button because she hasn’t gotten the hang of holding it long enough. So it does make for some interesting pictures. And not the best angles of me, I must say. I’ve seen plenty of my double chin, eyes closed, and weird smiles from the last couple days! Here’s one of the only samples I can bear to share…

Notice, I now have a bit of side bangs. I’m really liking the new hair cut. It was definitely time to do something different.

We also played on the trampoline this morning. She loves to jump. Well, she doesn’t actually get any air on her jumps, but she’s getting pretty good!

And I enjoyed laying on the trampoline looking up at the sky and the treetops above. I love our nice shade trees we have in the backyard! I always wanted a yard with a good amount of trees. And I’m thankful we were able to find one. I so dislike all the newer housing developments that have no trees. It looks so bear and unbearable!

It was neat at one point because a blue jay landed on a branch above us and Haddie layed down on me to look at it. After it flew away, she laid down a few more times saying she wanted to look for more birds. Did I mention how I can’t get enough of my cute daughter?

And on to some plant issues…
Something is eating my plants!

I’ve only seen a couple caterpillars, but that was a while ago…and they quickly met their demise thanks to me teaching Haddie to squish them. (Discussed in an earlier post). And I only saw 1 grasshopper and he died a quick death, too. I sprayed the plants with a bug repellant stuff made for plants (can’t remember the exact name). So I thought they would revive. But one of them was improving but is now looking worse again! I’m thinking I’ll try to spray them down again, but come on, bugs! Leave them alone!

And a plant question for any of you…
Does anyone know what type of vine this is?

I’m afraid it might be poison ivy. Its growing all along the back fence between us and our neighbors. I hope its not poison ivy because this would be a lot to get rid of (and a big job for Seth) because I’d hate for Haddie or anyone else to get into it. And it would be unfortunate because its created a nice privacy cover.


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