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Where Has the Neighborhood Gone? June 24, 2010

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We moved into our house about five and a half years ago. Since that time our neighbors have changed at least a couple times. And unfortunately, not always for the better. The more I’ve thought about our interesting neighbors, the more I’ve realized how strange and humorous their descriptions/stories are. So, I thought I’d share them with you, if for nothing more than a good laugh (don’t worry, they’ll never know).

Before our story begins, I want to preface it by saying that overall, we do really like the area where we live. Its been pretty quiet. Most everyone just keeps to themselves (although sometimes I wish it wasn’t that way). Most people keep their yards somewhat tidy, but there are some hideous exceptions. We have decent size yards and the houses aren’t squished together like in the newer housing subdivisions. And we don’t have a homeowner’s association. So, we can paint our house whatever color we want, not cut the grass every week, leave our trashcans by the street for a couple of days in a row and pile our yard debris by the street and not in neat garbage bags (yes, we are those neighbors you sometimes hate). I typically enjoy the shade, still vacant wooded lots, and the character of some of the um, shall I say, interesting houses. With all of that said…here’s a few stories of our interesting neighbors.

First here’s Carl’s house:

Carl lives right across the street from us. He bought the house and moved in a few months ago. And from what I’ve seen, he’s the best neighbor of them all. He keeps to himself, but is still friendly. He keeps his yard in tiptop shape. He reminds me of what my dad is probably going to be like when he’s retired…busy doing lots of small projects on the house and yard. He gave us his old stove when he bought a new one. And his was still in great shape and newer than ours. He asked Seth to help him move in some stuff and also to pick up a new mower he bought. And Seth gladly helped. But the guy insisted on paying him afterward, both times. Seth tried to nicely refuse, but the guy eventually put the money in Seth’s pants pocket…thankfully he was wearing cargo shorts. Would have been a bit awkward otherwise. Not that it wasn’t as it was. But anyways.

Next to Carl’s house and still across the street is this house (if you can call it that):

There used to be really well kept white and blue house there. The owners, Stuart and Shirley, were always very friendly. Stuart helped pull Seth’s truck out when it got stuck in our slightly flooded yard once. Shirley brought us banana bread once. But probably about 1 1/2 years ago, their house burned down. It was so weird! I heard the radios of the firetrucks and looked out the window to see huge billows of smoke coming from their house. We felt sooooo bad for them! Luckily no one was home, and the fire started from a family member that left the stove on. About a month or so later, they finally bulldozed the place. That was super weird to watch, too.

After that, they had a big mound built up on the middle of the property, covered it with new sod and put in a whole new septic system. We thought they were just going to build again, but then they got this huge motorhome and parked it on top of the grass-covered mound. Later we heard a lot of sounds like they were building something. We finally saw that they had built a small building (what you see in the picture) that looked like a small addition that faced the motorhome. Eventually, the motorhome was gone, and they seemed to be living in the mini-house. But not too long later, they left all together. Now a family member only uses their driveway to occasionally store vehicles or trailers in. We can’t figure out where they went. Strange, huh?

On one side of our house is a vacant wooded lot. We’re seriously dreading the day someone buys it and decides to build on it. If we had enough money, we’d probably buy it ourselves.

On the other side of our house is this house:

Ever since we’ve lived here, an older couple has lived there. Ernie and Nellie. They’ve always been very quiet and kept to themselves. We’ve only been inside their house a couple times or even talked to them a couple of times. Once when Ernie was taken to the hospital for a collapsed lung and we later went to check on Nellie. Another time when we took them some Christmas cookies.

We used to see Ernie mowing the lawn and I was seriously afraid he’d die out there. He was so skinny and small on that riding lawn mower. He’d have his cowboy hat on and mowing probably in the slowest gear it has. And his mower had a serious backfiring problem. Caused me to jump more than once.

Ernie died last year and we didn’t find out until a few weeks later when I randomly found his obituary. Since then an interesting man has been staying at the house. I assume that he’s somehow related to Nellie and is there taking care of her, but all I can say is get a haircut and dress a bit better, please! He has a scraggly beard and all he wears is a pair of shorts that are too big, hang below his belly and are held up by suspenders. And there have been times when they have not been fully zipped or buttoned. Just sayin.

And in the past few months, another man, the first guy’s opposite, has been staying there, too. He rarely wears a shirt (I’m tempted to ask him if he’d like one of Seth’s)..and he really should be. He is pretty much skin and bones except for little belly. And he wears the same pair of cut off jean shorts. Thankfully they’re at least down to his knees. All I see him do is either mow their lawn or ride his bike. That and yesterday I saw him smoking and drinking a beer. Oh, and Seth has seen him panhandling by the highway. He’s only talked to Seth a couple of times, once to ask him to inflate his bike tire. Honestly, the man kinda creeps me out.

We realized about a couple months ago that he is living here:

In Nellie’s shed. Double creepy. So we’d dubbed him our “Homeless Shed Neighbor.” It really creeped me out at first when I was laying the hammock and kept hearing noises in their normally abandoned shed. Yeah, didn’t I tell you its gotten interesting?

Also on the creepy subject, occasionally I hear the guy hawking up a lung or a loogie. Yeah, heard this last night after midnight while I was trying to sleep. Yum. And a couple of weeks ago, I went outside at night to water some of my plants that I keep forgetting about and were therefore shriveled and on their last life. Thankfully Seth was with me because I kept hearing the guy talking to himself in the shed. Creepy again. Time to move on.

Behind us is this house:

A few years ago, a middle-aged couple, Ron and Christine, bought it. They were friendly enough and also kept to themselves. He’s a truck driver so he wasn’t home often. At one point another guy moved in. We found out later that it was her exhusband. Yes, you read that right. The husband, wife, and exhusband were all living together. And although the exhusband (I still don’t know his name!), has gone on long spiels to Seth about how’s he a Christians…he is most definitely not! We’ve heard too many lovely yelling matches and colorful words to believe otherwise. He eventually brought a camper and started living in their backyard. Which wasn’t so bad for us. Until they moved it from one side of their backyard to the other. Now its right beside our fire pit and hammock area. Yes, I’d love to relax, lay in my hammock and be watched by him through his camper windows. Creepy again. So, Seth, not so discreetly, put this fence up:

The guy’s never said anything about it. But I am so glad its there. Oh, and another weird thing about this exhusband. He blasts classical music at all hours. The door and windows of the camper are shut, but we can still hear the music in our house! I can’t imagine the guys has eardrums left. Maybe thats why he yells so much?

A month or two ago, we noticed a moving truck in their yard. And from what we can gather, we think that the original couple’s kids (they’re older than us) have moved in. For a while we were still seeing the exhusband (maybe one of their dad’s? not sure), but I can’t remember seeing him in a while. Weird. But I definitely don’t mind.

Finally, just down the street, next to the wooded lot, is another interesting house. It was empty for the longest time and was finally redone. It needed the work badly. Then the owner rented out the house. The renters are an interesting bunch, too. There seems to be a lady (probably close to my age), a man, and a bizillion kids. I think I’ve seen one older boy (maybe 8 or so?), three girls, and at least one or two babies. I’ve been quite inwardly frustrated at the mom a few times. Her younger girls will play in the street barefooted without supervision. Another time, she looked pregnant (at least in the beginning of her pregnancy), was smoking, pushing a stroller and had a gaggle of barefooted kids behind her. The smoking part and being pregnant was what seriously angered me. And I’ve seen her since then and doesn’t look pregnant anymore. No comment there.

The other day, Seth was at the end of our driveway picking up our empty trashcans and the bungee cords we use to keep the lids on. And the guy was walking down the street past him. He says to Seth, “Those *$&#*(@*#&$ raccoons get in your trash, too?” Yeah, nice classly language. And that’s the only thing he’s ever said to us. Needless to say…I’m not too fond of them.

So, that’s pretty much the tale of our nearby neighbors. I could say a few more things about some of the other “interesting” houses on our street, but I’ll save you the long details…that and I need to get up and do some dishes. Gotta work on limiting my time online afterall, right?


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