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Tales of the Potty Chair, part 2 June 25, 2010

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Like I mentioned in a previous post, we’re not working on potty training yet, at least not hardcore. But we had another interesting poo experience, so I thought I’d share it since I can’t sleep right now.

Haddie went pee in the toilet a couple more times today and after bath time she said she had to go pee again. She did and then got up and said she was done. We dumped, rinsed and flushed the pee. Then she said she had to go pee again. Once again, we completed the cycle. Then, she did it again. Afterward, she still didn’t want her diaper back on. So I finished drying her off and noticed that she was um, shall I say, concentrating a bit.

I started to inwardly panic since she didn’t have a diaper on, wouldn’t let me put one on and refused to sit on the potty. I knew what was coming next. So, I figured…well, here’s a learning experience. And a few seconds later. You can imagine what, ahem, presented itself…onto the bathroom floor. She flipped out again! I saw that she wasn’t completely…finished…so I pushed her onto the potty while I um, cleaned up her mess. She was flipping out! I wanted to laugh so loud…but I was more concerned about not completely scarring her from potty training ever again. That and I didn’t want anymore poo on my floor or me, for that matter. Then she got up from the potty and saw that there was more of that stuff in there! Flip out #2. (no pun intended)

I dumped it in the toilet, and tried to clean up her messy butt. But she was still flipping out. Apparently she still doesn’t get the concept that that stuff came out of her and its the same stuff that makes her diapers dirty. Weird. Guess it could be scary when you really think about it.

I was trying to figure out how to calm her down and explain what it was. I figured, the whole “this is your food after you eat it” speech might freak her out more and make her anorexic…so I opted with the only other option I could think of. I gave her the “everyone poops” speech. I told her mommy and daddy poop in the big toilet. And Haddie poops in the potty chair. She eventually seemed to get the idea and kept saying “yeah, mommy and daddy poo in big potty.” So, crisis averted.

We got the messy butt cleaned, said goodbye to the poopy while it swirled down the toilet and reassured her a couple times that yes, it was gone. Otherwise she was still ready to bolt out the bathroom door before we could brush her teeth.

The next time with #2 should be quite interesting, I’m sure.


2 Responses to “Tales of the Potty Chair, part 2”

  1. Tracy Caulfield Says:

    oh that is to funny. I’m sure you already wrote that in her baby book because she will be asking you for advise when she has children way down the road and you can pull out this story. She is just way to adorable.

  2. Nancye Says:

    Just wait until she starts ANNOUNCING to everyone that she sees that she pooped in the potty! We’ve been really trying to encourage it because of his constipation issues (and trying to hold it in will make that worse), so now he gets so excited about it because we get excited about it! And he has to tell EVERYONE!!!! that he pooped in the potty.

    It’s awesome that Haddie is starting so early with it. It’s nice to hear someone else’s struggles with this right now, since we’re going through it too.

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