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New Job July 7, 2010

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As of this afternoon, I have officially resigned/quit my job at Circles of Care.  I emailed my boss (that’s how he told me to let him know…I’m not being lame) this afternoon with the news.  We’ve pretty much known this is what we were going to decide, but it feels nice…and scary for it to be final.

I’ve really enjoyed being a stay at home mom this past 1-2 months.  Its so much less stressful and more fulfilling.  I’ve been able to do more with the youth group girls and our young adults.  I’ve been able to keep up with the housework better and get some much needed house projects done.  I’ve spent more time with Haddie and Seth.  And I’ve really started to get into cooking (as I’m sure you’ve noticed with all the recipes) and now crafty stuff.

I’m continuing to pray that God will provide for us financially with only one income (not that mine was that much!).  And I’ve been thinking about ways to make a little extra money without having to leave the house per se.  I’ve thought along time about selling Avon.  I like that their products are more reasonably priced than Mary Kay or similar companies.  I also like their wider selection of products (decorations, makeup, bath, clothes, jewelry, children’s items).  And most of all I like that I don’t have to do parties and I don’t have to buy products ahead of time (aka go into debt).  All I’d have to do is hand out catalogues to those who are interested. I like having less pressure and not feeling like I have to sell, sell, sell.  Do you have any imput?  Would any of you actually be interesting in buying Avon from me?

That leads me to my next idea…

Recently I’ve really been wanting to start making jewelry.  Don’t ask me why really.  Except that I’ve been feeling more crafty and creative and daring…I guess?  When I was visiting my family, I found some of my mom’s crafting supplies, which included a lot of items that used to be my grandma’s.  I found a whole small tub of beads!  And then I raided my mom’s other crafting stuff to find more beads.  After finding this stuff, I’ve started to get on a necklace making kick and I’m really enjoying it.  I keep thinking of different designs to use and which beads I should use next, etc.  Which has got me thinking about starting to sell what I make.

Which leads me to a small dilemma.  I’m not sure what to charge.  And honestly, I hate to charge people, but the point is to supplement our income….Any suggestions?  I want it to be reasonable and still make a little profit to make it worth it.

If you’re interested, let me know.  I’ve made three necklaces so far and today I bought a few more materials so I can make earrings and bracelets.  I can make to order or you can buy what I’ve already made (as I make more).  Let me know what you think!

My new materials. Including some boxes to organize the beads. So excited.

My First 3 Necklaces


One Response to “New Job”

  1. Susan Says:

    How very exciting! The start of a new journey. I have no idea what to charge for jewelry, however. I’m sure you can do some research online to see what people charge. You might consider selling some on Ebay, too. A lot of people do very well selling Avon. I think the trick is to get yourself out there. Good luck!

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