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Lately July 9, 2010

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Besides the news about my job, I haven’t really updated in a while, so I think its time. Here’s what’s been going on lately…

Preparing for Battle

After the spider episode in my bed, then an earwig dropping from nowhere onto my bed (where my head would have been!), then a big spider that made Seth say “where’s the camera, that’s gotta be a record breaker,” I decided it was time to exterminate our unwelcome guests. So, while Seth was gone at CIY and Haddie and I were leaving for my family’s, I set off eight of these bad boys in hopes that they would make my bug-free dreams come true.

Of course, they meant a lot of work for me before and after the job, but they save a lot of money on pest control. We typically only have to use them once a year or so and spring seems to be the key time when the bugs decide to join us inside. This time I was a lot more anal about preparing and cleaning up. I bagged up all of Haddie’s toys, I covered the new couch and recliner. And when I returned (4 days later) I throughly wiped, vacuumed, mopped and washed the linens. I was happy to find a few dead bugs (that meant it worked), but I was unhappy to see the size of a few of the spiders! One of considerable size was on my closet floor. Bleh. But after 1.5 of extensive cleaning, everything was done. Thanks to Seth’s fam for watching Haddie during this clean sweep.

While the bug bombs were doing their work, I headed over to visit my family. Haddie did great on the 2+ hour drive, contently looking at her books and playing with her baby. During the drive, she informed me that her baby was “dirty” aka…had a dirty diaper. I told her sorry, but we can’t pull over to change baby’s diaper. Baby was also “hungry” at one point, so I told her to share her sippy cup of water with baby. Then baby was “crying,” so I told her to pat baby on the back, when she did ever so gently. She cracks me up.

We spent the first couple days at my dad’s house. Haddie really enjoyed playing with all of his special toys he’s gotten for her.

Including this really cool horse made out of rubber tires that’s a tree swing. Grandpa put it up for Haddie and at first she was hesitant, but then she really loved it. Afterwards she wanted mommy to ride it. I actually tried it, but I can tell you…its not meant for adults. Ouch!

I joked with Seth that he should try making some of these swings with his junk tires (in addition to his flip flops) but he said he can’t because all the tires he has have that metal layer inside that wouldn’t feel too good to swing on. Too bad.

And on Monday we went to the Homosassa Wildlife Park. I had to keep reminding myself to tell Haddie it was a “zoo” and not a “park” because I didn’t want her to think we were going to see wild animals when we go to the regular park.

I guess the park used to have lions and other random wild animals, but after the state bought the park some 20ish years ago, they relocated all of the non-native animals to other zoos. So, now it has all Florida native animals like fox, owls, hawks, bald eagles, deer, snakes, alligators, black bears, manatees, etc. Except for this fella:

Yes, that’s a hippo alright. Apparently, so many people were upset that the park was going to have to get rid of Lou (he used to be named Lucifer), they wrote to the governor Chiles and asked for Lou to be granted Florida citizenship. Yes, you read that right. So, now Lou the Hippo is a honorary Florida resident and has been at the park for many years. That’s cool and all…but I’m still bothered by this sign displayed by his home:

Thankfully we didn’t get to see this demonstration of hippo behavior. Yuck!

Oh, and I found the treasure chest that my dad had buried for us to find when we were kids, that I talked about in my Father’s Day post. Neat to see it again.

After a couple days with Grandpa, we headed over to see Grandma, Carlos, Uncle Shawn, Aunt Amanda and Baby Grant. Haddie loved swimming in the pool and playing with her cousin Grant. Unfortunately, El Ranchito didn’t live up to its reputation that I had remembered, but it was still pretty good.

Before I headed back home, Haddie and I went to visit my friend Amanda, and her sons Brandon and Chase. She is the only friend from high school that I really stay in touch with anymore. I occasionally see updates on facebook from others, but I don’t really count that. I realize that I haven’t stayed in touch with many friends from college either. Although I do talk to a few, mainly on facebook, and I consider it a little better than my hs friends since I occasionally see them at youth group events and we actually comment on each other’s walls and such.

Also, while Seth was still gone at CIY, I had a plague of Biblical proportions! I had seen a few flying ants throughout the day last Friday on my porch, but I quickly squashed them and didn’t think much about it. Until later that night when they kept appearing in greater numbers, I couldn’t figure out where they were coming from. Then I looked up…and the metal at the top of the porch was covered, I mean seriously covered with them! Thankfully our D-Group had just finished, so there was a guy here to destroy them for me. We sprayed, and sprayed, and sprayed ant killer on them until my steps and the porch ledge were practically covered with them. Later when I swept them up, I had a seriously HUGE pile of them! I felt like I was in Egypt, no joke! I though porches were supposed to keep bugs out…not trap them in! Made me wish I could bug bomb the porch, too!

Also on the subject of ants….
While Seth’s family was watching Haddie, she got into a fire ant mound. She seriously got 25 bites (yes, I counted them) mainly on one leg. And she did amazingly well with them. She never whined about them, even when we had to put shoes on that rubbed them. I know I would have been a big baby about those bites! I still can’t believe she did so well! I almost hated taking her out in public to the store and church with those huge red spots all over her legs. Looked like she was getting abused! But thankfully they are finally disappearing!

Well…there are a few more topics I had in mind to update as well…but I’ll save those for another post…this one has already turned into a book!


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  1. I want to point out to you that we were friends in high school as well, and we keep in touch.

    • Lacey Says:

      I don’t know why I forgot about that. I was just talking about that the other day. Silly me. I guess I just think of you as more of a college friend since we were a lot closer then.

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