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Is the End in Sight? July 14, 2010

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By the end…I mean the end of our family’s sicknesses.  Not the end of the world…although I wouldn’t mind if Jesus came back right about now.  Of course, I would regret that I hadn’t talked more to a few people who aren’t right with God yet.  But I have a feeling there are always going to be those cases no matter what.  Oh, how I long to be in my eternal home with my Savior!  Don’t you?  I thinking the next book I’m going to read is Heaven by Randy Alcorn.  But anyways.

What I was really wanting to ramble about today is the never ending bout of sickness around here.  Seriously!  Everyday I hope to wake up feeling like my old self…but a week later, it still hasn’t happened.  At least I’m feeling a little better today.  I’m getting a bit of my voice back, but I still sound funny.  But at least I’m not squeaking anymore.  I’m still hacking like a smoker with emphysema, though.  And I woke up with a strange pain in my back on the left side.  I guess I must have slept wrong or pulled a muscle while coughing during the night.  Fun times.  But honestly, although I may not sound like it, I’m at peace with our illness.  Probably sounds weird, but in some strange way I’m starting to enjoy the relaxing, spending time with Seth playing games, and having him at my every beck and call (insert evil laugh here).  But really, I’d like to get back to normal.

I thought Haddie was doing much better (honestly, she’s done the best of all of us), but then she got up from nap time complaining about her ear hurting.  Glad she’s already on antibiotics.  But we only have 1 day left of our antibiotics…hopefully it’ll kick it all.  Well, onto other things.

Haddie is currently obsessed with Blues Clues.  She even prefers it to Dora.  I don’t know what this world is coming to. But honestly, Blues Clues isn’t that bad.  Except I have had the songs stuck in my head a lot.  Hey, I even learned something from one of the episodes.  Do you know what two colors make vermillion?  How about chartreuse?

I made a couple new necklaces yesterday:

I’m kinda disappointed that no one’s wanted to buy any of the necklaces.  Maybe I have them priced too high…or maybe they’re just not that impressive or match anyone’s taste.  Eventually I may list them on Etsy or just use them for gifts. Oh well. It’s still fun to make them, but I do wish I’d be able to do more with them.

I finished reading another book yesterday.  This one was called The Wager by Bill Bright.  It was pretty interesting and a good read.  It was fiction, but a mix between the book of Job and the Sermon on the Mount.  It opens with Satan and God debating and making a wager on whether anyone can actually live the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) these days.  Although it was fiction, it still brought a lot of good points up and helped me to think of Jesus’ principles in a new light.  In some instances, a more modern light.  The book even has Bible study questions at the end for each chapter.

Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, I added another tab at the top of this page that explains my P31 Name. I also updated my About Me page a little, too.


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  1. Apollos is also a Blue’s Clues junky. Honestly, I don’t mind watching it either.

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