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Observations from the Bourne House July 15, 2010

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Here are some random things that I’ve noticed or have happened recently that I have no other way to categorize.  So, it may seem a bit random…

  • I realized this morning that Haddie is becoming too smart for her own good. With her smarts she’s becoming rather bossy. Case in point: this morning I was doing my morning routine and getting ready to put my contacts in. She matter-of-factly told me “glasses off, contacts, glasses off, contacts.” Not sure if she dislikes my glasses or what?
  • Another example of her bossiness: She often accompanies me to the bathroom when I have to take a shower and Seth’s not home.  If not, I’m afraid of what my Einstein child would get into.  Recently as soon as the water’s off, she opens the shower door and says “towel, towel” as she pulls my towels down and hands them to me.  She’s also been pulling down the kitchen towel to hand me after I wash my hands.
  • But her smarts are sometimes a benefit…or at least make me laugh.  She’s always wanting to help.  She helps with the laundry, aka pulls each article of clothing out of the basket while I’m folding and says “here you go, Mommy,” every single time.
  • She also likes to help with unloading the dishwasher.  She does the same “here you go, Mommy” thing as she hands me each dish from the lower rack.  And she hasn’t broken one yet.  Seth even let her help with washing dishes the other day (while I was sick in bed).
  • She loves to help with the groceries, too.  She sometimes tries to help me carry them in and even gets mad if I don’t let her.  Usually she starts unloading the bags while I bring more in.  Today she made me laugh because she started stacking all the boxes while she was unloading them.

  • When I told her we were going shopping for food today, she said “buy blueberries and grapes.”  While in the stores she wanted to hold everything and would eventually toss it in the back of the cart.  She got mad when I wouldn’t let her eat the grapes in the store.  I explained we had to buy them first.  So after that she kept saying “buy it first” for everything.
  • I bought some new jewelry supplies today.  Holly, your purple necklace will be coming up soon.

  • I’m starting to get kinda excited about making more jewelry and trying to sell it.  One of the girls in my youth group told me I should make business cards to advertise and put them on our church’s bulletin board where they have all the business cards from people in the congregation.  When I couldn’t sleep last night, I eventually got up and started doing that.  And I designed some tags to go on the jewelry, too.
  • Tonight I’m having a movie and dinner date with my hubby.  He doesn’t really know it yet though.  I rented Invictus.  Haven’t heard much about it, but isn’t most anything with Morgan Freeman good?

  • I’m making bar-b-que chicken and pineapple chicken quesadillas.  mmmm…can’t wait.  I was inspired with the idea by seeing a pic on Pioneer Woman’s blog.  And we’re having these for dessert:

  • I bought a new sunhat while shopping with my mom, but I haven’t had a chance to wear it.  Its a bit different from what I’d usually wear, after all, I don’t normally wear hats at all.  But it was so cute and colors match my bathing suit.  Hopefully I’ll be brave enough to wear it out.  Haddie tried it on today. The second pic makes it look like a sombrero.  But really, its not.  Doesn’t she looks so cute:

  • I have a really hard time playing with blocks with Haddie.  She insists on knocking them over when I only have one or two stacked.  It gets seriously annoying.  Last night I fought her off to build a huge tower with every SINGLE block in the set:

  • Then I finally let her knock it over.  Here’s the progress of the chaos.  I caught some cool action shots:

  • Even now as she’s watching me upload the pictures she’s screaming “BOOM, BOOM!” swinging her arms around jumping up and down (well…she can’t actually get off the ground yet, but she sure tries hard!).


One Response to “Observations from the Bourne House”

  1. Holly Moots Says:

    haha what a cutie pie! And yay my necklace, and ooo quesadillas!! haha

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