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Expanding my Horizons July 18, 2010

Filed under: Jewelry,Life,Misc — Lacey @ 11:11 pm

I experimented more with my jewelry skills and actually had to get out the pliers to make this new necklace set and earrings. I’m pretty impressed with how it came out. If anyone wants to get one, I also have turquoise beads. I can do just one color or mix and match.

I bought these new clasps and also some lanyard hooks.

Here are a couple of other new necklaces I made yesterday.

And I can’t resist adding a cute pic of Haddie from today. Even though we didn’t make it to church today (because I was sick again!) she insisted on wearing her new dress. I think its the cutest…probably because she makes it so cute!


One Response to “Expanding my Horizons”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Woa! You’re getting sooooooo good! I absolutely love the brown one with the brownish colored beads! WOAH LACEY! Your superb:D

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