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Free, Free, Free July 19, 2010

Filed under: Misc — Lacey @ 4:06 pm

My mom recently gave me a lot of ivy dishes and other kitchen stuff. As a result, I had to go through my dishes as I’ve run out of room for everything. I hate throwing away good, still usable stuff. So, I wanted to post these pics and see if any of you are interested in taking any of this stuff. Just let me know soon, please. Otherwise, it will probably make its way to the street by this weekend.

Here’s the mugs and dishes I have run out of room for–

This is the bottom of the glass mug

Freezable bowls for ice cream, etc.

Soup bowls

Here’s some extra ivy stuff that I don’t have room or a use for–

Napkin holder

Metal tins

Wooden boxes--tops are on hinges

Here’s a matching candle holder and mirror/candle holder. It looks better than the picture shows–

Here’s a artificial flower arrangement in a vase–

Here’s some random metal (brass type?) animals that were in a box that came from my mom–

We also need to get rid of this entertainment center. So, if you could use it…please take it! We’ve been storing it for a long time waiting for someone to take it.


6 Responses to “Free, Free, Free”

  1. Holly Moots Says:

    they make freezable icecream bowls? How convinient?!?!

  2. Holly R Says:

    Hi Lacey,

    I could really use the entertainment center. I will be moving in August and I am starting completely from scratch.


    • Lacey Says:

      Awesome. We’ll hold it as long as you need it. Do you want any of the mugs or other dishes, too?

      • Holly R Says:

        I’m starting at zero, lol. I had to leave pretty much everything behind, so yes, anything would be helpful at this point. Thank you so much!

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