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I Shouldn’t Be Allowed in the Dollar Store! July 23, 2010

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 4:59 pm

After Seth’s early birthday lunch yesterday we walked around in some of the shops nearby. As a side note, he of course chose the Chinese buffet. Too bad my stomach wasn’t feeling better…I would have enjoyed it a lot more. Although I always feel like I’m spending too much money at buffets because I never eat my money’s worth. My stomach just isn’t that big. I love the varieties at buffets, but I like that I can take a doggy bag home at other restaurants because then my meal gets stretched to at least two. Anyways…

One of the stores we went into was the Dollar Tree (or Store? I can never remember the difference). I realize more and more that I shouldn’t go in there! I find so much cool stuff and I justify buying it because its only a dollar! I literally had my arms full and asked Seth to get a cart. His smart reply was that we shouldn’t get one because then we’d buy more stuff. Well, needless to say, at the end of the trip my arms were sore and cramped. But we spent less than $20, so I guess it wasn’t that bad.

I know where I’m going to go to buy some school workbooks for Haddie once she gets old enough to do them!

There are so many different coloring books we’d never run out of a selection.

But unfortunately they don’t have any paint-with-water books. Boo.

I love their cheap gift bags, tissue paper and wrapping paper. Why ever spend more?

If I was planning my wedding, I’d go there for some of their selections.

I found a few craft/art supplies for Haddie for her birthday.

They have a great selection of board books for babies and toddlers.

They already have an aisle of Christmas stuff out. And they have fall decorations, too. Seriously, already?

Although I mourn that they only sell KJV Bibles. Seriously…who reads those anymore?

And I mourned their bead collection. They only had a few bags and they weren’t enough beads in there for costing a dollar!

I found this cool book there, too. I have no experience with embroidery, but I think I may try it sometime. This book has some super cute patterns for sheets, making your own stuffed animals, etc. Should be interesting!


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