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Letters, Letters Everywhere July 23, 2010

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 3:38 pm

I decided to start an experiment with Haddie about a month ago. She has a couple decks of sesame street letter cards and she loves to get them out. But she wouldn’t sit still long enough to look at them and would just end up dumping them on the ground. So, I decided to tape them up around the house onto items that started with each letter. Honestly, some of those letters are a lot harder to find items that match then you’d think! Seth was confused when he came home from CIY to see all the letters around the house.

At first Haddie didn’t seem to care much about them or even remember them. I’m not trying to push her to be a baby genius or anything! And I haven’t really been pushing the letters. But recently, she’s been pointing at them and saying some of the letters. A couple mornings ago she got a lot of the ones in her room right, which really surprised me.

Now when she’s drawing, she’ll tell me what she’s making. Usually its mommy, daddy, Grandma, etc. But recently its been letters, too! Of course, her drawings are still just scribbles, but I’m excited that she is putting so much together in her mind. Kids are like sponges, seriously! I’m also realizing how much reading and letters and such are just a result of memorizing. Haddie can already tell me what letter some items start with by memory because of where I’ve hung the cards. Its so cool!

Here are some of the examples from her room:

Because of having her name on the wall (thanks to Theresa for these beautifully painted letters!), she has known the letters “S” and “A” for a long time. Funny enough, she knows “H” too, but instead of saying the actual letter, she always recognizes that “H” is for her name. She calls all “H”s “Haddies.”


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