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Two Weekends August 1, 2010

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Wow, its been a while since I really posted anything. So I figured I’d do a quick update on my past 2 busy weekends…

Seth took the young adults to the airport last weekend for their missions trip to Montana. On the way back he stopped on the side of 520 and picked these wildflowers for me. What a great surprise! I think they were wild hibiscus.

Grandpa (my dad) also came to visit last weekend. We had a good time visiting and Haddie enjoyed playing blocks, reading lots of books and making big bead necklaces with him. He also did us the favor of pressure washing our house, which had been on Seth’s to-do list for sometime (no comments…).

If you look closely you can see the before and after sides of the house. It look soooo much better. I can’t wait to get the front door, window frames, shutters, and block/sidewalk/porch walls painted. Well…not that I’m looking forward to painting it all, but I can’t wait to see the difference it makes.

The pressure washing was quite interesting, especially as he was spraying the front door. Let’s just say we now realize how much better it needs to be sealed. I was soaked from holding towels around it while he sprayed. It was a crazy waterfall…seriously!

Haddie ended up with a fever for a couple of days last weekend, but thankfully whatever it was went away quickly and didn’t spread to the rest of us. And I was glad that Grandpa was here so that we could trade off Haddie and both still go to church services. I was seriously feeling church deprived since we had missed for 2 weeks with our sicknesses. It was nice and refreshing to be back!

On another note, the jewelry business is really picking up and I am getting so excited about it. I am really enjoying creating new things and filling the orders that are coming in. I actually have a list of orders to complete now! I definitely think this is a God thing since I had been praying about being able to help contribute income-wise without having to work outside the home. Now I’ve discovered that I really, really enjoy making the jewelry and I’m actually making some money from it. So awesome! So, let me know if you want anything. And I’m willing to ship, too. I actually have an order from Georgia now : )

This week/weekend was filled with a Jr. High Retreat. We ended up with 14 kids and we had a great time. I was so encouraged by these kids and how much they’re maturing. It was incredible to see our older kids being such great leaders to the younger ones. They did a good job including them, encouraging them and even politely correcting them (which was a nice change so we didn’t have to get onto them all). We had fun playing Quelf, doing a zipline to a slip and slide, swimming, having a bonfire…and so much more. I seriously love these kids! And I loved getting to know our new kids even more through this trip.

One thing though…my house is definitely a wreck now. We stayed at the church building most of the time, but we went out for outings. One of the outings was at our house for the bonfire. Thankfully I really didn’t clean much…but I definitely need to now! 12 jr. high kids showering in one bathroom creates an interesting mess. I’ll have to tackle that this week. Blah. But its all worth it, of course! Especially since they all needed those showers…we even had to force the Jr. High boys to shower, too. I’m not sure if they used soap…but at least they got wet. Its still a mystery to me how they can come out of the shower and still smell and have greasy hair. Yum.

Here’s a few of my favorite pics from the trip:

Playing Quelf

Part of the Quelf game


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