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Today’s Nature Encounters August 2, 2010

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 9:48 pm

So…today I’ve encountered nature in a few interesting ways. Some not so pleasant…and one pretty cute…

  1. Found out we have kittens in the wooded lot next to us.  I can’t even count what # litter this is that we’ve had near us from the stray cats in the last few years.  Some of them have even been found on our porch and under our lawn mower (thankfully it didn’t work at the time!).  I saw 4 kittens, two with bob/or no tails.  I saw what I assume is momma cat watching me (since it had a bob tail too).  What kind of cats have bob tails…besides Bobcats?
  2. 3 Baby armadillos digging in my flower gardens.  Seth chased them away…I wanted him to kill them.  Is that horrible?  They tear up our yard and make lots of racket under our house (we have a crawl space under it and they run into the pipes at all hours of the night it seems).  But the baby ones were actually kinda cute…at least cuter than the ugly full grown ones.
  3. An old bird house that Seth made me years ago fell from the tree during the thunderstorms yesterday.  After picking it up, I found that it was pretty much falling apart, so I headed to the street to put it out for the trash, along the way the string broke even more and it fell.  Then I discovered wasps flying around.  Needless to say, I ran.  Seth later ran it over with his truck on the way out to make sure they were all dead.  I didn’t want the poor garbage men to be stung.  I don’t think they’d pick up our trash after that…or maybe they’d “accidently” knock our cans over…
  4. We had another plague of flying ants in the porch.  I saw a few when I went out to do laundry, but I didn’t realize it was a full-blown attack until I saw our sliding glass doors.  They were pretty much covered in ants (thankfully only on the outside).  So, I sent Seth out with a can of bug spray and Haddie and watched from the safety of the couch inside.

2 Responses to “Today’s Nature Encounters”

  1. If I didn’t know you, I’d think you were missing teeth and wearing overalls. I’m surprised you didn’t use the armadillos to make a stew! : )

    • Lacey Says:

      haha. And barf on the armadillo stew. Seth could use the shells to make guitars…like Andrew Peterson. I better not tell him that, or he might actually do it.

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