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I’m Excited… August 6, 2010

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I’m Excited About…

1.  This new book I got in the mail today…that and the other two I received earlier this week. Can’t wait to read them all and share the good tidbits…

2.   D-Group tonight and the yummy peanut butter chocolate cookies I’m going to make.  Don’t worry I’ll share the pic and recipe later : )

3. Netflix on the PS3.  We’ve only had it for a couple weeks now, but I am loving it.  Sure beats paying for cable (not that we have yet!).  I watched Julia & Julie today while I was making more jewelry.  So fun!  Sure beats sitting at the table working.  Surprisingly the movie didn’t really inspire me to go cook.  But it was a fun movie.

4. Blues Clues, Go Diego Go!, and Dora on Netflix.  Yes, Netflix has 3 seasons of each show!  Which means…no more watching the same videos over and over and over!  Haddie laid in my bed next to me while I worked (on jewelry of course) and we watched the very 1st 2 episodes of Blues Clues.  Funny how some of the songs sound different in these early episodes.  Anyways.  It was fun!

5. My jewelry business.  If you can call it that.  I’m getting more orders, which makes me more excited.  When I started this I figured I’d only sell like $20-30 worth, but now I’m doing 10x that with the orders I still have to fill.  Its a lot of fun…and like I said before, definitely a God thing.  I always wished for some way to actually work from home and enjoy it.  I think I may have found it! Here’s some of my newest designs…

6.  My super cute daughter!  I have so much fun with her…if I haven’t said that enough already!  Today she wanted a bracelet with my new daisy buttons.  So, I made her one.  And she was so funny how she kept holding the arm up that had the bracelet on it…like she couldn’t use it. haha.  Oh, how much I love her!

7. My God!  He never ceases to amaze me how he provides, cares about us, blesses us beyond measure, and how patient he is!  Wow.


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