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My IKEA Wishlist August 11, 2010

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 12:06 pm

So, I got the new IKEA catalogue in the mail a few days ago and I already have a wishlist going! Which is unusual for me with IKEA. I usually think a lot of their stuff is neat, but if I’m not going to redo an entire room and if I don’t have a lot of money to spend (which is never!), then its not practical for me to buy any of their pieces. But this time I actually found some stuff in our price range and stuff that I could actually use. So, now we just need to make a trip there…to at least get the smaller stuff!

I’ve been thinking about eventually redoing our bathroom. Not sure what colors, but I’m almost leaning toward a basic white and then making it nicer with colorful accents. I like these basic items to add to it. I especially like that the toothbrush holder can be mounted on the wall since we only have a small pedestal sink with not much room on it to hold items.

Only $7.99!

Only 7.99!

I like that these are only $9.99 for all 4 pieces, but I don't know if I really need all of it


I think these might only fit their special muffin pans, but they are pretty neat designs and they're only $.99!

I'm sure I could find lots of uses for these jars, they're only $2.99!

I've been wanting one of these, this one is only $4.99

Ok, I know these are supposed to be wardrobes, but I’ve been dying for a new pantry, and I think Seth could just put a few more shelves inside of these and they’d work. That is if they’d fit in the kitchen. But I don’t know if I can ever justify spending some of the higher prices for one (or if we’ll have the $ any time soon).




I've been thinking about getting her a small table, this one's only $7.99

Cute little stools to go with the table. They're only $7.99

Haddie just got a kitchen set for her birthday, but I still think this one is pretty cute, too

Here’s some random decorative stuff I like too…

These are only $9.99 for a set of 3! You can't go wrong with extra baskets. I always find some use for them!

These are only $9.99 for all 4!

I've been wanting another small vase since mine cracked and broke. This one is under a $1


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