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Haddie’s 2!! August 12, 2010

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My baby turned 2 this week, on Monday. Honestly, it didn’t bother me very much…as far as it seems to bother others when their babies get older. I really like this stage that she’s at…although I’m dreading the “terrible twos.” Although, I’ve heard its actually the “terrible threes.” But either way, I’m not looking forward to an increase in tantrums and such. She’s having some now, but we’re trying to quickly curb them as much as possible. Thankfully, she talks pretty well, so I think this prevents some tantrums. Although there are times (I feel like its increasing), when I have no idea what she’s saying…and she gets a bit frustrated at these times. She also gets frustrated when I won’t/can’t drop everything and play what she wants to play, but we’re hopefully learning that that isn’t realistic. But anyways.

I really do enjoy this stage that she’s at and I love to see her showing new interests and being able to do new things. I also like being able to interact with her so much more now. Although, I’m starting to miss some of the more baby things…but I’m still not ready for another little one. But that’s for another post.

For Haddie’s birthday, we had a small family get-together. We had dinner with Seth’s family and our closest friends (10 adults in total). I served Java Salad (I’m going to post the recipe later) since its pretty easy, everyone can put the toppings on that they want, and its the closest thing I could make that could still fit Seth & his dad’s diet and Haddie’s dairy allergy.

The party was a Blue’s Clue theme since Haddie’s been pretty obsessed with it recently. Seth printed out a poster of Blue, we decorated with streamers and balloons. And I attempted to decorate her cupcakes with the theme…although it didn’t work out so hot. My friend Teli helped frost the regular cupcakes with white and blue and then I tried to make special frosting for Haddie since the regular store bought icing makes her break out. I followed an online recipe which called for milk, powdered sugar and vanilla. I used her vanilla soy milk in place of the regular milk, but it didn’t turn out so well. It tasted pretty gritty and was really runny. But she didn’t seem to know the difference. I ended up having to put it in the freezer multiple times, to thicken up with frosting, but it still ended up running all over. I tried to make blue’s paw print on hers, but it didn’t stay, so I just covered them in sprinkles. Haddie loved it anyways. : )

Haddie was unhappy for the last few hours before the party, once she saw her presents, but wasn’t allowed to open them. And of course she didn’t want to eat much of her dinner because she was too excited to open them all! She did really good opening them. I enjoyed seeing how much more able she was to tear into them than when she was younger. She loved her presents! She got a big kitchen set from Nana & Pa, complete with lots of food items. And she has been playing with it pretty much nonstop since then!

Haddie now says that she’s a “big girl” and not a “baby.” And she can put her two fingers up to show how old she is…although she has to work very hard to get just two fingers up. It’s so stinking cute! : ) I love my baby! Ooops…I mean Big Girl! We’re also looking forward to celebrating her birthday with my side of the family in a couple weeks. I’m thinking its going to be time to go through all old toys to make room for the new ones!

Showing Haddie how old she is : )

Loving this family pic!


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