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You Might Be A Redneck… August 16, 2010

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~If you catch/wrestle armadillos.

So, here’s the story…since I know some of you have been dying to hear it. We end up with armadillos in our yard, and under our house because it has a crawl space underneath. And they choose the late night to crawl around and bang into all of our pipes. When we first moved in, it seriously freaked me out because it sounded like someone or something was inside the house. But I’ve since gotten quite used to it. Although its still annoying!

We’ve had young armadillos that have been digging up our yard and my flower gardens. Yes, I’m glad they’re eating the bugs…but couldn’t they at least have the decency to fill back in their holes. Seriously, some of their holes can get quite big and they sometimes actually dig up the plants in the process of their bug hunting.

So, last week, Seth found four of them digging in my garden. I yelled at him to shoot them or shoo them. Just to get rid of them. He was standing in the doorway of the porch and attempted to shoo them (because afterall…I think we’d get in trouble if he shot off his shotgun…not to mention what that would do to my flowers!). Instead of them running away, they ran over his feet into the porch. At this point, I screamed and jumped up on the stairs. It was really quite a sight.

I told Seth that since he had them trapped in the porch, he needed to permanently relocate them. No, not to the animal afterlife (and no…there’s no such thing), but to some where far away where there are lots of other animal friends. Like Nova Rd or the nature park done the highway. So, Seth began the process of trying to catch them. One of them jumped into the recycling bin all by himself (yes, it was a boy…they were all boys…and one of them decided to pee all over. Gross, I know). But then it jumped out before Seth got to it. So, Seth ended up catching all of them (one of them was smart and didn’t run onto the porch) under a laundry basket and then had to move each of them by hand to a bin to transport them away. It was an interesting sight. Some of them weren’t as wild as others. One flipped over and over and over. You’d think his tail would have come off with all that commotion! I may post the video later, if I can get it to work.

Seth finished catching job and then drove down the highway near the nature park and released them. I haven’t seen the other small one that escaped yet. But I was smelling some nasty smell for a few days. I wondered if something died under the house…maybe it was him?

~If you have a big old eye-sore of a camper sitting in your yard.

Although ours may be gone soon. Seth’s been cleaning it up to sell it…but now he’s thinking of turning his truck into a camper. Yippee…not! My husband is creative, I have to give him that. But sometimes I wish he would care just a little more about what people think. Or about how normal people think. hehe. He’s definitely not a conformist…not that I’d wish him to be. Let’s just say life is interesting.

I’m kinda sad to see the camper go though. We’ve had some good family camping trips in it. Oh, the memories. I guess we’ll be camping in Seth’s truck/camper creation whenever its done. Let’s say it again…its going to be interesting!

~Your husband makes flip-flops out of tires.

Its been a while since he’s made any more, but now he’s upgraded to carpet tiles. I keep meaning to post a Forever Flop update. Maybe soon I will.

But I can honestly say, I still haven’t worn any of his creations. But a few of the youth group have sported them.


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  1. Teli Says:

    😀 haha love it!

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