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Glamping Anyone? August 20, 2010

Filed under: Misc — Lacey @ 2:11 pm

I read a short article in this month’s Southern Living magazine about Glamping. They showcased a Bed & Breakfast in Georgia that provides Glamping accommodations for $180 a night.

The Martyn House

The whole idea of Glamping is a combination of tent camping and more glamorous luxuries. Sounds pretty good to me, although if I was going to spend $180 a night, I think I’d choose an actual luxurious hotel instead. The pictures of the Glamping tents remind me of some Indian (not Native American) royalty tents that you’d see in deserts in the movies. Well, then again…it could be a neat adventure…if I ever come into a lot of money for a vacation. The Bed & Breakfast has 4 different tents on their property, complete with a lake, trails, bonfire pit, etc. The whole property can be rented for a weekend for $1500. Anyone want to pitch in?


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