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Newest Stuff August 20, 2010

Filed under: Jewelry,Life — Lacey @ 1:15 pm

Its be a little while since I’ve updated my jewelry page, so there are a ton of new pics! I’m continuing to get even more excited about my jewelry “business.” Its slowly expanding to more and more customers (some that I don’t even know!). Feel free to pass on my name and blog store to any of your friends : )

Also just a reminder… I can make bracelets, necklaces, lanyards, earrings, keychains, children’s bracelets, anklets and glasses bands. I will soon be expanding to beaded bookmarks, too. I have already made items and I also do special orders (no extra charge). And I am willing to ship to out of area customers for a small fee. Shipping is pretty cheap with most of the jewelry items.

Thanks to all of you who are already customers!!


2 Responses to “Newest Stuff”

  1. Tonia Says:

    You are so talented. Your jewelry is so pretty! I need to order some more lanyards and earrings! Love it!

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