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Goodnight August 30, 2010

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 3:09 pm

Every night I am reminded again and again how much I love my daughter. I love our bedtime routine and every night I keep remembering that I want to share it with you. After we get Haddie into her pj’s and brush her teeth we go into her room for prayer time. I have to sit with her in the rocking chair while daddy sits on the footstool. I say “have to” because if we don’t sit this way, Haddie throws a fit! That’s my little OCD girl, I guess.

We have started a different prayer time routine the past month or so and I really like it. Now instead of just Haddie praying (and us helping), we now all 3 pray together. Haddie tells us which one of us goes first, who’s second and who’s last (I figure this is helping her learn number orders). Then we take turns praying. Haddie is really getting good at praying by herself and I love to hear her little voice and her cute prayers. Usually she just thanks God for different people or sometimes toys. Sometimes she prays for people who are sick. Its funny how certain people make it to her prayers night after night even though we haven’t seen them or talked about them in a while. And its neat to hear her pray for people she hasn’t even met, but that we might have talked about.

I tend to think that God has a special place in his heart for children’s prayers. After all, He said that we need to become like children to enter His kingdom. So, shouldn’t the prayers of innocent children be so important and powerful?

After we pray, Haddie always exclaims “Kisses!” with a big smile on her face. She decides who gets kisses first (usually its me!!). She kisses both of our cheeks, gives us nose kisses (eskimo kisses) while says “dee-dee-dee,” then gives us eye kisses (butterfly kisses). I love, love, love this time! Then its her turn for kisses and every night she’s sure to say that she wants them on “both cheeks.”

Oh, how I love this Big Girl of mine!


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