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Mary’s Sacrifice September 27, 2010

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Quite a while ago, I read Angie Smith’s book, I Will Carry You. I posted a few things from it at that time, but I have been holding on to it (it is a friend’s) to copy a few more of my favorite excerpts. At the time these really spoke to me and gave me a lot more insight into Mary (the sister of Lazarus) and what her sacrifice really meant. Hope you enjoy…

Years ago a pastor at the church we were attending gave a message about what happened after the resurrection of Lazarus. His sermon contained some of the most profound and moving thoughts I have ever heard about the story of Christ.

Days after his [Lazarus’] resurrection a celebration was held in honor of Jesus. Everyone was gathered around the Lord when Mary shattered a bottle of perfume and wiped the lavish scent across His feet with her hair. The scent was to be used in a society where bathing was not frequent, so this particular nard was extremely pungent. A few drops would have been more than enough, but without regard to cost or what those around her might think, she simply poured it all out as an act of pure worship. Many have speculated that Mary was preparing her beloved Savior for His death and burial, but our pastor went on to explain that the scent of the perfume surely would have been on His skin a few days later when He was beaten and crucified. So, in essence, every time a Roman soldier’s whip hit Him, the scent of Mary’s worship was released and rose all around Him; a reminder of Who He was.


Come with me for a moment to the feast where dozens are gathered around this mysterious, glorious Jesus. As the celebration roars around Him, many people seem oblivious to what lies ahead. Whether or not Mary knew what the next several days would entail, we do not know. What we do know is that she could think of nothing in that moment other than an act of absolute devotion and worship.

In the midst of a room full of people, she went to the feet of Jesus. This may not seem like a noteworthy event, but for many reasons it was. Not the least of which was the fact that it was not considered culturally appropriate for her to be sitting at His feet. In addition, Jewish women were not to take their hair down in public. Biblical scholars have suggested that this was her way of acknowledging her unworthiness before the Lord.

While Martha was busy serving the guests, Mary pulled the pins out, hair tumbling around her, and bowed low to her Savior. I must admit, I am typically either busy doing what Martha was doing, fretting over everything being right, or I am paying attention to the rules. It occurred to me how rarely I ignore everything that demands my attention, everything that tells me how I should act, and sit in pure love with eyes only for Him. What a glorious image.

I don’t believe her actions was simply a reflection of her gratitude over the life of Lazarus because the setting and way the events unfold communicated an inherent heaviness as she pours the perfume. It doesn’t feel totally celebratory to me. It feels like letting go.

Regardless of whether or not He has saved her brother, she would have worshipped Him. She loved Him because of Who He was to her, not what He had done for her. She had put her full trust in Him, and that is why she spilled the bottle at His feet. Despite the criticism she received, the Lord recognized what she was doing and commended her. Nothing in this world is of any value unless it is given freely and with abandon to Him, just as Mary’s offering was given….

…Just as quickly as she had celebrated her brother’s resurrection, Mary stood, watching Jesus be crucified. She watched as He was mocked by the crowds of people who hated Him. She saw the wounds He carried when He was lifted into the air by soldiers giddy with the anticipation of death.

I have to let myself be where she was in order to embrace the depth of sacrifice. I naturally want to distance myself from the horrific truth, but in every thorn in the crown they forced on His head, there is a truth I need to allow to settle on my brow. We serve a God who is aware of our suffering.

As Mary and the others who loved Jesus watched HIm, they were overcome with desperation. The Lord Himself cried out in hurt, and they stood helpless, watching as the breath of this life left Him. At some point she left the site of the crucifixion and, I imagine, wandered the streets in sadness to visit and mourn with friends and family.

Here is the part you may not have considered before now. Everywhere she went, every step of the way, she was followed. Every person she came into contact with, every stranger who saw her cry, every home she entered was being filled with something intangible, a gift that would be with her for many days to come. It was the scent of love for her Savior, and it was caught in her hair.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the beauty of this image. She was carrying with her an invisible yet ever-present reminder of who He was to her. Without a single word she told His story over and over again. I want that…


A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Mozzarella Sticks

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I got this recipe from a friend’s blog who got it from Pioneer Woman.  It is delicious!  I made them for Seth and my dad today and they were a BIG hit!  I had never used Panko Breadcrumbs..and honestly I didn’t know what the difference between those and regular breadcrumbs were.  But thanks to Pioneer Woman I am now educated on both!  Here’s the link complete w/ step-by-step pics: Panko Mozzarella Sticks


Home as a Hospitality House September 19, 2010

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Here’s my favorite parts from ch. 11 of Jill Savage’s My Heart’s At Home.

(Italics are direct quotes, regular text are my comments.)

When home is a hospitality house, it’s a place that feels safe and welcoming to anyone who enters its doors. Whether kids are hanging out at your house or company is coming for a long weekend, it all comes down to understanding hospitality. If hospitality doesn’t come naturally to you, you can start simply with an open heart and an open door.

An Open Door

  • If our home is to have an open door policy, it starts by realizing that our home really doesn’t belong to us.  Everything we have belongs to God–He just asks  us to be good stewards of what He gives us.
  • 4 Important Elements that make a home a hangout:
  1. Emotional safety–A hangout home has emotional safety that assures that anyone who enters that they won’t hear family members screaming and yelling at one another or sense unspoken anger or emotions.
  2. Hospitality–Feel cared for and welcome
  3. Friendliness
  4. General Cleanliness–What is needed is a balance between the two–lived in enough to be comfortable, yet organized and clean enough so that you don’t have to worry about where you will sit.
  • Entertaining puts the emphasis on you and how you can impress others.  Offering hospitality puts the emphasis on others and strives to meet their physical and spiritual needs so that they feel refreshed, not impressed, when they leave your home.
  • Offering hospitality is much more about the condition of your heart than the condition of your home.

Hospitality Boundaries

  • Boundaries still need to be in place that help keep home in balance with the other roles that home needs to play.  Those who benefit from an open-door policy at your home need to also respect family time you set aside.

Thinking of Others

  • We make decisions through a filter of thinking of others.
  • Jill gave some great practical examples of how to make your home more welcoming to people of all ages: keep these items handy for your guests– box of baby toys, classic childhood toys (legos, blocks, etc), board games, step-stool, sippy cups, bibs, snacks.

Home as a Bed & Breakfast

  • Jill also suggested keeping a hospitality basket in your guestroom for guests.  Include toiletry items, snacks, fruit, etc.

Home Away from Home

  • For any of us who don’t have a large enough home to entertain, or if we have unwelcoming family members, etc.  Jill gave some great ways to still practice hospitality…away from home.
    • For moms who need a little help–bring them a meal, do their laundry, drive their children where they need to go, do their grocery shopping, clean their homes.

Praline Pull-Apart Bread

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When I saw the picture that went with this recipe, I knew I had to try this. Its pretty much what a lot of people call Monkey Bread, but it has pecans and a to-die-for yummy glaze on it. Let’s just say the bowl was licked clean after I poured out the glaze. Yes, it was that good. I’m thinking I’ll make it sometime to use as a dip for fruit or something since its just the whipping cream, brown sugar and cinnamon. Oh, and don’t skip the step of baking it on a large cookie sheet. I started out on smaller one and to switch to a bigger one because it was overflowing the pan…

I found this recipe in a Dec 09 Southern Living Magazine.

Praline Pull-Apart Bread
1 C sugar
4 tsp ground cinnamon
1 (2-lb) pkg frozen bread roll dough
1/2 C Butter, melted
1 C Chopped pecans
3/4 C Whipping cream
3/4 C Firmly packed brown sugar

1. Stir together sugar and 3 tsp cinnamon. Coat each roll in butter; roll in sugar mixture. Arrange in a lightly greased 10-in tube pan; sprinkle with pecans. Cover and chill 8-18 hrs.
2. Preheat oven to 325. Beat whipping cream at high speed with an electric mixer until soft peaks form; stir in brown sugar and remaining 1 tsp cinnamon. Pour mixture over dough. Place pan on an aluminum foil-lined baking sheet.
3. Bake at 325 for 1 hr or until golden brown. Cool on a wire rack 10 min; invert onto a serving plate, and drizzle with any remaining glaze in pan.


Mexican Wedding Cookies September 18, 2010

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I made these a couple weeks ago for my high school D-Group. I got mixed reviews. But some of them really liked them. One girl even said that this must be what clouds taste like. lol. These are some of my favorite cookies. And I even added chocolate chips…which made them even better! If that could be possible!

Here’s the link to recipe on kraftfoods.com:

Mexican Wedding Cookies


Smothered Chicken with Rice

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This dish is super yummy! I love the smell of the cream cheese melting and mixing with the veggies. Mmm… I had to accomodate it for our 3 different diets. Seth’s-low carbs, which means he just had the chicken and veggies. Haddie’s-no dairy, so I pulled out some of the veggies before I added the cream cheese. And mine-nothing special, but I made into a pasta dish instead of the rice. It was sooo good!

I found this recipe in a Kraft Foods Magazine.

Smothered Chicken with Brown Rice
4 slices bacon, chopped
4 small boneless skinless chicken breasts
4 large carrots, thinly sliced
1 large onion, chopped
1 C chicken broth, divided
2 oz cream cheese, cubed
3 C hot cooked brown rice

1. Cook and stir bacon in large skillet on medium heat 5 min or until crisp. Remove bacon, drain on paper towels. Discard drippings from pan.
2. Add chicken to skillet; cook 5-6 min on each side or until golden brown on both sides and done (165 F). Transfer chicken to plate; cover to keep warm. Add vegetables and 1/2 C broth to skillet; cover and simmer 10 min or until vegetables are tender.
3. Sitr in remaining broth and cream cheese; cook uncovered, 2 min or until cream cheese is melted and sauce is thickened, stirring frequently. Return chicken to skillet; Cook 2 min or until heated through.
4. Spoon rice unto serving plate; top with chicken, sauce and bacon.


Cheddar Broccoli Bake

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This is super easy and I always get compliments when I make it. I’m not the biggest fan of broccoli, but if its in this casserole, I could eat it all day long! I’ve also made it with mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc).

Cheddar Broccoli Bake
1 can cheddar cheese soup
1/2 c milk
Dash of pepper
1 (16 oz) bag frozen broccoli, cooked
1 can french fried onion rings

1. In 2 quart casserole, mix soup, milk, pepper and broccoli.
2. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes.
3. Stir. Sprinkle onions over broccoli mixture. Bake 5 more minutes or until onions are golden.