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The Veggie War September 7, 2010

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 12:58 pm

Its not what you’d think. I wasn’t battling to get the child to eat veggies. In fact, she kept wanting to eat veggies…or so she said. But she wasn’t understanding what veggies were. I kept naming the few vegetable choices that we had available…corn, peas, broccoli. But she didn’t want any of them. I’m not sure what she actually wanted to eat while she kept saying “veggies, veggies.” Maybe Bob and Larry? Either way I was ready to put her down for a nap without lunch. I was getting a bit frustrated and trying to hold myself under control so that I didn’t yell. The child was seriously having a melt down in the kitchen and crying “veggies, veggies, veggies.” It was almost laughable…actually it is after the fact.

Then she chanced her mantra to “fruit, fruit, fruit.” But of course she didn’t want to eat the fruit we had either. No to grapes and apples and kiwi. Well, she actually said yes to kiwi. Which was surprising since she usually won’t eat it. But once she saw what it actually was, she quickly changed her mind. We were back to “veggies” again. I kept trying to explain that corn, peas and broccoli were actually types of veggies. I guess she finally got it…because she settled for corn. That or she was tired of arguing with me. And thankfully she’s eaten the bowl of corn and is back to requesting her usual..animal crackers. Seriously, the kid would eat them morning, noon, night and all hours in between if I let her! And since she ate all her corn…I’m going to this time.


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