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Spanglish Anyone? October 3, 2010

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I have embarked on the task of teaching my 2-year-old Spanish.  I started on this path randomly and without actually planning that much on really hardcore teaching.  Well…not that I’m hardcore teaching with flashcards or anything…

I can’t exactly pinpoint what started me on this journey.  Maybe it was Dora?  Or Diego?  They are such inspiring characters, I know. *tear* But honestly, I have learned a bit of Spanish from them. Ayundame is drilled quite well into my head.  And Haddie definitely knows how to say “open” in Spanish since it seems to be the magic word to solve all of the Dora dilemmas.

What, you might say, makes me qualified to teach my child Spanish?  Well…I figure the 5 years I had of Spanish education from high school and college needs to be put to good use.  Finally!  A lot more is coming back to me than I thought it would.  Sometimes I’m even beginning to think in Spanish automatically…and we’ve only been learning Spanish for a couple of weeks!  Crazy.  I think I remember my Spanish teacher saying that you know you’ve really learned a language when you start dreaming in it.  Yeah, we’ll see if that ever happens.

Anyhow. I’m actually quite impressed with how quick she picks it up.  She’s learned the words for some of the body parts, and a few colors and animals.  And I’m having a lot of fun teaching her.  I found a cool free website that has a lot of good material on it: http://www.spanishdict.com   They have videos, flashcards, quizzes, a translator, etc.  I thinking its gonna be a good homeschooling resource!

Seth and I have joked about Haddie learning multiple languages.  She did babysigns, although she does struggle with remember her signs.  But I’m sure if we refreshed, she’d pick them back up.  I hope that she will get some sign language lessons from her Nana.  I can handle the Spanish (or Spanglish…as may be the case w/ my lovely pronounciations).  And Seth could teach her Greek and Hebrew.  She’d be in line for a linguistics job with the FBI for sure (can you tell how much we watch crime shows?).  That or an awesome Bible translating missionary.  One can only wonder.  For now I’ll stick with teaching her the basic Spanish vocabulary and we’ll see where it goes from there.

For any of you that aspire to learn from our mad Spanish skills, here’s what Haddie and I are working on now:


los ojos = eyes

la cabeza = head

el caballo = hair

la nariz = nose

la boca =  mouth

los dientes = teeth

las orejas = ears

las armas = arms

los manos = hands

dedos =  fingers

el pie = foot

los dedos del pies = toes (or fingers of the feet..yum)


azul = blue

verde = green

rosa = pink

rojo = red

purpura = purple

amarillo = yellow

naranja = orange

blanco = white

negro = black

marron = brown


el oso = bear

el hipopotamo = hippo (I crack up when she says this one!)

el pero = dog

el gato = cat

coala = Koala


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