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Family Day…Yay! October 4, 2010

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 10:03 pm

Today turned into an inpromptu family day.  Which was very nice…and needed.  We keep meaning to start designated weekly family days, but as it goes, life gets in the way.  Ironic, I know.

We all got to sleep in and be lazy for a bit.  Then I drug Seth to Hobby Lobby with Haddie and I.  Surprisingly he willlingly obliged.  Before leaving he asked, “So is Hobby Lobby only like beads and stuff…like small?”  Boy, did he have a surprise coming.  Thankfully he didn’t complain during our trip and he kept Haddie busy, which was nice.  Since I usually have to control her wandering, clepto hands.

To my disappointment, they stopped stocking some of my favorite charms and replaced them with organizing boxes.  Please, do we really need any more of them? (Well actually I did…I bought another…but anyways).  And they were out of the seahorse charms…and of course those are what I needed for my orders…

After our crafting adventure, we went to everyone’s favorite restaurant and the employer of most of our young adults (from church that is)…Chik-Fil-A.  Yum.  And can I say that I just love their customer service?  And I discovered that they offer cool plastic, stick-on-the table, disposable mats for kids?  How awesome is that?  After lunch Haddie had her first chance to explore a restaurant play place.  She was slow to warm of course (that seems to be her current theme) so guess who had to join her in the play place? Yep..you guessed it. Me.  Fun times.  Got a few looks, but my kid’s more important than my dignity, right?  And when it was time to go I literally had to drag her out, but then she ran back in again.  It took a lot to restrain myself from not yelling at her…in public I mean.  Oh, and seriously, there was one kid there that was taking the play place over.  A bit annoying especially since his mom and her boyfriend (I’m guessing since there were no rings) were in the playplace room, but they were mainly preoccupied with gazing into each others’ eyes and making out.  No joke!

We finished the family fun off with a good ole’ trip to the bank, ALDI and then Lowes.  Yes, I was tired and ready to go home by the time we got to Lowes.  But I restrained myself from whining since Seth went to Hobby Lobby.  Figured it was the least I could do.  But honestly, I shouldn’t go inside those home improvement stores.  I find myself becoming too discontent since my house has so much to improve.  I now want to redo our kitchen flooring, replace our yucky sliding glass doors and buy new lighting for the house.  Seriously, please keep me out of those stores!


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