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Gracias… October 11, 2010

Filed under: God thoughts,Life — Lacey @ 6:41 pm

God has done so much for me…but so many times I forget to thank Him! Especially for all the small and “insignificant” things. Here’s what I’m thankful for today…

  • The cooler weather at night (next weekend its actually supposed to get into the 50’s!)
  • Fall decorations (I finally got mine up this weekend)
  • Autumn scented candles (Apple is my absolute fav)
  • A fun day at the park w/ Seth & Haddie
  • Shade (See above bullet)
  • My awesome handsome hubby, who spontaneously suggested the park today ; )
  • God’s creation.  Today we saw Alligators, Fish, Turtles, Squirrells, Butterflies, Flowers…
  • Watching Haddie chase a squirrel.  It actually looked like it was playing Peek-A-Boo with her. hehe
  • My D-Group
  • Opportunities to use my home & belonging for ministry
  • A fun sleepover with 7 youth group girls this weekend
  • My pretty painted finger and toenails (thanks girls!)
  • My beautiful daughter who never ceases to amaze me at how loving, fun, crazy, and smart she is
  • My (almost) clean kitchen
  • That dinner’s ready! Mmm…White Chicken Chili
  • All the resources that God gives us…and how He always, always provides for our needs…and so many of our wants.
  • Great books.  Currently reading Living With Less So Your Family Has More by Jill & Mark Savage, and Angel’s Song

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