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Lessons I Learned Again… October 12, 2010

Filed under: Life — Lacey @ 11:33 am
  1. Completely check clothing for stains before ironing.  I pretty much finished ironing Seth’s shirt and then found a lovely stain on it…it was clean before I ironed, honest!  It had been hanging on the ironing board for a while waiting for this day when I actually got  it.  I’m wondering if some sticky little hands were the culprit.  So…now I have to wash it…after it was almost completely ironed…a little annoying.


  3. If your child seems to be having a good time while eating…and seems to be taking longer than normal, its best to check on them.  Haddie was eating yogurt in the next room while I was attempting to finish ironing (see #1).  She was singing and seemed quite content.  I think I actually forgot that she was supposed to be eating.  Then I remembered and went to check on her.  Let’s just say she decided to turn her yogurt into finger paint (not that she’s used any yet).  I should have known better.

  5. How much I hate those paper vests and drapes at the yearly dr’s visits. Seriously…why don’t they design them in plastic or at least dark colors?

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