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Looking Forward to It? October 28, 2010

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Here’s some more of my favorite excerpts from Randy Alcorn’s “Heaven.”

(Italics are direct quotes, regular text are my comments)

Are You Looking Forward to Heaven?

  • Tragically, most people do not find their joy in Christ and Heaven.  In fact, many people find no joy at all when they think about Heaven.

-Randy discusses how most people, even Christians, only think about Heaven as some boring, strumming on harps, sitting on clouds all day place.  He says that this idea is totally unBibilical and damaging to our spiritual walk.  Heaven will be beyond our imagination, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t imagine it.  Without really thinking about what we have to look forward to, we won’t look forward to it at all.

  • Charles Spurgeon: “To come to Thee is to come home from exile, tocome to land out of the raging storm, to come to rest after long labor, to come to the goal of my desires and the summit of my wishes.”
  • We do not desire to eat gravel.  Why?  Because God did not design us to eat gravel.  Trying to develop an appetite for a disembodied existence in a nonphysical heaven is like trying to develop an appetite for gravel.  No matter how sincere we are, and no matter how hard we try, its not going to work.  Nor should it.
  • What God made us to desire, and therefore what we do desire if we admit it, is exactly what he promises to those who follow Jesus Christ: a resurrected life in a resurrected body, with the resurrected Christ on a resurrected Earth.  Our desires correspond precisely to God’s plan.  Its not that we want something, so we engage in wishful thinking that what we want exists.  It’s the opposite–the reason we want it is precisely because God has planned for it to exist.  As we’ll see, resurrected people living in a resurrected universe isn’t our idea–it’s God’s.

Where do we get our misconceptions?

  • I believe there’s on central explanation for why so many of God’s children have such a vague, negative, and uninspired view of Heaven: the work of Satan.”
  • Our enemy slanders three things: God’s person, God’s people and God’s place–namely heaven (Revelation 13:6)
  • What better way for the devil and his demons to attack us than to whisper lies about the very place on which God tells us to set our hearts and minds?
  • Satan need not convince us that Heaven doesn’t exist.  He need only convince us that Heaven is a place of boring, unearthly existence.  If we believe that lie, we’ll be robbed of our joy and anticipation, we’ll set our minds on this life and not the next, and we won’t be motivated to share our faith.  Why should we share the “good news” that people can spend eternity in a boring, ghostly place that we’re not looking forward to?

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