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How do the Duggars do it? October 29, 2010

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I’ve never actually watched the Duggar’s show on TLC/Discovery…whatever its on (we don’t have cable).  But I’ve heard quite a bit about them and have looked at their website a couple of times.  I’m not sure how I feel about that whole-having-20 kids thing.  I know its definitely not for me…

Although last week, Seth and I experienced something similar.  We (along with a few more adults…thankfully!) were parents to about 20 teens from Wednesday night to Saturday afternoon.  We all lived at the church building (including Haddie and Teli’s daughter Eliada who’s 9 months). The kids had to still attend school like any other regular week (those who were homeschooled went home) and then they all returned home (to us at the church).  It was quite interesting.

This was our 2nd year of doing this event and I’d have to say that both years have been quite a success.  We can gauge it a success when they’re left wanting more (“Can we do this for a whole week next time?”  “Can we do this twice next year?”..and the answer to both is “NO!”).  Haha.  Us adults can only handle so much.  We’re getting old, you know…

But I really ended up enjoying the event.  Its neat to prepare meals with the kids, see them stuck hanging out with each other and not able to really escape from all of us.  We played lots of board games and lots of mafia (yes, they never seem to tire of that card game…).  They even did a puzzle together although I don’t think it ever got finished.  They most enjoyed playing in-the-dark games like hide-n-seek and zombie.  Don’t ask me what the last one is…I didn’t play it.  But I do know it resulted in a whole jar of spaghetti sauce ending up on the carpet.  Thankfully it came out (or so I’m told).

And we (at least the adults) end up rejoicing (secretly inside) when Saturday morning comes.  I hate the cleaning (more like the delegating to the kids…ok, more like following them around to make sure they’re actually working…then cleaning up behind them).  Seriously…one note to parents….PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…teach your children how to clean up after themselves and do basic chores.  I still cannot understand how year after year of youth events we still have kids that don’t know how to wash dishes by hand (no lie!), pick up their own belongings (including left out undergarments), shower (and with soap!), and vacuum. On the last one, we had a good laugh (not in front of the kid), about how this individual was vacuuming.  He/she had made it halfway through the area when I realized that it (lets just say that because its easier than he/she everytime!) hadn’t even lowered the head of the vacuum.  It was tilted at a good 45-90 degree angle AWAY from the carpet.  I had to lower it then tell it (lol…I know) to vacuum over that spot again.  Many loud sighs later…there still wasn’t much progress…let’s just say we did our best.  But in all honesty, they did a pretty good job cleaning up.

And as a result of the Big House and other events (and random get-togethers…Romping…as some are calling it…and no, its not what you think…), has been a great amount of group bonding and becoming like a serious family.  I’m loving it….but not enough to have 20 kids!

Here’s some of my favorite pics from the week:



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