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Handiness Comes With a Price November 11, 2010

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This week I have been especially grateful for my husband and his handiness.  He used a snake (plumbing tool…not the reptile) to unplug our perpetually plugged bathroom sink and he has begun the project to refinish our family room’s hardwood floors.

The project began under the guise of being my birthday present (my request and his secret previous plan).  I mean, its about time anyways.  The floor is one of the last big inside house projects to finish on our fixer-upper house.  So, I’m super excited to have it done and not be embarrassed about my ugly floors anymore.

Seth had to replace a good section of the floor boards right in the doorway and against the kitchen wall.  These were damaged beyond any repair with the sander or otherwise.  We’re thinking that the previous owners had moved the kitchen wall (made the family room bigger), so there were a lot of deep groves, putty damage and previous termite damage (we’re thinking thats what it was).

So, it was quite interesting while Seth was ripping out the floorboards.  We went about a day and half without flooring during this process.  We could see the dirt underneath (we live in a stemwall house, so there’s a crawl space underneath).  There’s supposed to be a lower level to the floor, but of course, like most things in this house, there isn’t one.  So I had to hope that no animals or large insects would join us inside.  He did cover some of it up, but there was just too much space to cover while he was trying to get the right boards and in between his working hours.  Thankfully we didn’t receive any unwelcome guests, except for small spider.  And it was quickly dealt with.  But on the brighter side, we were able to see that none of the exposed joists have any termite or mold damage.

Beginning of floor boards being ripped up

What it looked like before

All the family room stuffed in the guest room

More of the stuffed mess

The yummy underside of our house

More of the floorboards gone

Don't fall in Haddie!

Now the new boards are in and Seth has finished the majority of the sanding.  We got a sweet deal on the sander rental too.  And they threw in the edger sander too.  Nice!  And I’m really glad to see that these sanders don’t kick up near the amount of wood dust I expected them too.  The catch bags work super good!

Don't worry, the sander's not really on. The thing looked like it was from the 60's! But it still did a good job.

Halfway through the sanding process

The new boards vs the old partially sanded boards

Seeing my house in this type of disarray has reminded me again of the extensive house projects we’ve accomplished in these past 6 years (we closed on my birthday!  So the anniversary is easy to remember…its 1 year less than we’ve been married!).  And again, I’m so thankful for my handy husband and our two very wise, handy, generous and helpful fathers!  Thankfully we’ve been able to do all the projects without paying anyone else to come in and do them.  Honestly, with our budget we’d never be able to…that or we’d be paying off debt forever! And the second one isn’t an option! We’re working to become debt free! (Dave Ramsey would be proud!)

Here’s a list of all we’ve accomplished:

  1. Carpeting laid in 4 rooms.
  2. Siding torn off walls in dining room and whole room dry walled (including the ceiling)
  3. Bathroom redone, including putting in a new shower, moving plumbing, dry walling and putting in vinyl tiles.
  4. Putting in the entire kitchen (cabinets, countertops) and making a window opening between the kitchen and family room.
  5. Replacing a window.
  6. Replacing all the light fixtures and fans.
  7. Painting every single room in the house.  Some of them more than once.
  8. Putting in an entire Central AC system with all the ducts (ok, we had help w/ this, but Seth helped them, too…for a discounted price).
  9. Replacing the entire roof
  10. Building a pole barn/shed
  11. Redoing all the landscaping, cutting down trees, tearing out crazy bushes
  12. Putting vinyl wood flooring down in the family room
  13. Replacing our bedroom carpet
  14. Redoing our bedroom ceiling w/ wood strips after a big leak
  15. And now…refinishing our hardwood floors!
  16. I’m sure I forgot a few things, but you get the idea!

But with any good thing…comes a price or what you might call a downside.  My husband is so handy, that he thinks he can fix or make anything.  And usually he can…but it does tend to look a bit ghetto/reckneck.  Some examples: taking the duelly covers off the side of his truck, redoing the camper, some of the repairs to his motorcycle/dirt bikes, carpet flip flops, and finally…this beauty….

No, I'm not talking about Haddie. Look at Seth's truck behind her...

Yes, please keep your comments to a minimum.  Let’s say that this is the ultimate example of marital submission there is.  Many of you may be wondering why I let him build this.  And I’ve ask myself this question many times.  He sold the camper with the idea of wanting to build one on the back of his truck.  This would prove to be so handy and fun, he said.  He could drive lots of people in the back (aka youth group kids).  We could use it on trips (yeah, just what I want to do) and be able to be in the back while he’s driving.  He could use it to help people move or to transport stuff even in bad weather. Yadda, yadda.  I finally just let him do it because honestly, its his truck, he’s using the $ from the camper that he sold, and because he really, really, really wanted to do it.

Yes, I’m not the biggest fan of his “creation,” but he enjoys working on it and honestly, its come in handy a few times already.  So, more power to him.  And yes, we’ll probably take a few trips in it.  And I will wear some dark, dark sunglasses and maybe hide in the back. Just kidding.

I wasn’t too thrilled about the other camper at the beginning, but he did a good job of fixing it up inside (ok, the outside still looked a bit rednecky).  And it did prove to be fun for cheap vacations.  We took a few good trips by ourselves, one with Haddie and he used it for a few guys airsoft trips.

So, I’ll have to make the best out of it and just remember that with anything good (like Seth’s handiness), there usually comes with a price.  I’ll just have to grin and bear it.  Because, hey…he could be trying to make us live in it, too!  But it ain’t gonna happen : )


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