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Clearing Out December 6, 2010

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Since we’ve started thinking about moving, we’ve been considering all the things we need to get rid of.  And considering the house we’ll probably get will need some work…we’re going to sell most of it. Here’s some of the stuff that we’re clearing out.  Let me know if any of you are interested.  We’re probably having a yard sale/jewelry open house this Saturday too.



Another House?

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We have begun on an interesting journey the past week…

A couple weeks ago or so, Seth’s dad mentioned that’d he really like us to move to Merritt Island.  He said he’d do whatever he could to help make it happen.  We discussed it and I wasn’t really ready to even think much about it.  After all, we just finished the wood floors.  How could I think about moving now?  I know everyone always says that just when you get your house the way you want it…you end up moving.  I kept telling myself, that that wouldn’t be us!  Granted there are a bit more improvements I’d ideally like to make (finish the porch, repaint the trim around windows outside, repaint my bathroom, paint my closet, etc).  But the majority of the inside work is finally done.

I also told Seth that I wouldn’t consider buying a house unless it had 4 bedrooms and garage.  We have 3 bedrooms now, with one of them being a guestroom.  In the future we do want at least 1 more child, and I’d still like a guest room for when my family comes and stays.  And we HAVE to have a garage for Seth’s junk.  That way he wouldn’t have to build a crazy big shed again and we could hide all of his junk : )  He totally agrees.  We also would need to be pretty centrally located on the Island so we’d be closer to church and be able to minister to the youth better.

Low and behold, one night I was up late and decided to check my email before I went to bed.  I got an email from a realty company (I had randomly signed up to get updates about houses being listed in our price range).  And wouldn’t you know…. 4 bedrooms, a garage, 1/2 acre yard w/ the back completely fenced in (with a decent privacy fence) and drum roll please….across the street from Edgewood and the next street over from his parents.  So, I was like…”Ok God, what are you trying to tell us?”

So, I gently woke Seth up and started telling him about it and asking him about how big our current bedroom is, how big Haddie’s room is, etc.  So I could compare them to this other houses’ room sizes.  And of course the next morning he vaguely remembered something about it, but I had to fill in the details for him.  He ended up getting in touch w/ our realtor from church and setting up a viewing the next day (last Friday). And his parents were super excited about the possibility.

Once we looked at the house, we saw that it needs more work than the pictures let on (it  is now vacant, but the previous owners left lots of interesting and random junk behind…its a short sale).  But of course we’re no strangers to fixer-uppers and being willing to put the sweat equity in.  In fact, it needs less work than our current home did when we bought it.  The kitchen needs only a cabinet replaced and new fridge.  The bathrooms look pretty well done.  The bedrooms need a good cleaning and repainting.  2 windows are broken and need replaced.  The yard needs a good serious mowing.  And the garage will need some work.  But overall, those are all pretty easy fixes for my fix-it husband and our very handy dads.

We got our financing in place this weekend and now we are officially making an offer on the house.  We found out that another offer is going in today too…so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray that we get this house…if its God’s will of course.


We really like the location (although I’m going to have to get used to having my front view of Edgewood Jr/Sr High!).  I like the open layout of the kitchen/dining/family room.  The backyard is huge and open and very promising for a future playset, bonfire pit, and lots of area to run around.  Maybe, just maybe a dog sometime far into the future.  And I’m going to enjoy having the extra bedroom (although its going to be storage for a while since we won’t have an attic there!).


So, again, please pray that this house works out and also very important that our current house will sell for a decent price.  If you know anyone interesting in a 3/2 house in Cocoa with a nice refinished wood floor, let us know! : )