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From Ohio to Tennessee We Go January 1, 2011

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Ohio to Tennessee Streets that is…

Most of you have probably already heard, but we officially closed on our new home (new to us at least…its older than our current home) this week.  And now the fun (well…its not all fun) begins.

We have started clearing out the house (previous owner left a bit of junk inside) and cleaning it up.  So far, I’ve gotten the kitchen cabinets, microwave, range and china cabinet cleaned inside and out (thanks to A. for his awesome help!).  I’ve cleaned a few of the windows, too.  And of course, replaced the toilet seats.  Isn’t that a cardinal rule of buying a new home?  I feel like it should be.  Honestly, I would have kept the old ones if they were remotely salvageable.  But these were beyond cleaning.  I know, probably TMI. And we’ve swept the whole house.  I don’t think I can say “Yuck!” enough about this one.  Seriously…a house being vacant for a few months can really build up dust.  And then there was the pet hair, and the dead bugs.  I’m seriously glad we bug bombed before we started doing any work.  I can see now that I’m going to have to deal with a whole different breed of roaches now than we have even 8 miles away in our current house! Ugh.

We have a lot of work to do but I’m so excited about the potential.  I’m having trouble sleeping sometimes because I’m constantly thinking about what colors I should paint different rooms, where I’m going to place the furniture, what we need to do next, and all the potential that’s abounding in this house.  I’ve even found myself deciding which cabinets I want to put which dishes… yeah, I guess its probably a woman thing.

Unfortunately, I’m not liking the amounts at the check out these days, though!  I don’t think I’ve spent so much at Walmart in a long time!  And the cart ends up dangerously hard to maneuver.  Can I just say that my cart with 6 cans of paint, 6 packs of blinds (including 2 that were 72″) has the potential for some serious damage–including knocking stuff off of shelves and impaling passing customers?  Thankfully, I only knocked one price tag off the shelf…but I quickly saw the hazards I could have created.

So, we have lots more cleaning and then painting to do.  Seth has some lovely projects ahead of replacing the two boarded up/broken windows, replacing the entire electrical panel (thank you insurance inspector!), and bush hogging the entire overgrown back yard (almost 1/2 an acre back there!), among other things.  So it should be an interesting next couple of weeks.

We are also trying to tackle the packing, painting, and minor repairs at our current house so that we can rent or sell it.  And if any of you know someone who wants to rent or buy a 3/2 in Cocoa, please, please let us know!  We can’t pay for both houses for long at all.

Many of you might question why we made the decision to buy a second home only 15 min away. We really feel like this is where God wants us to be.  Its a bigger house for whenever we decide to expand our family (and no, there is not a baby on the way…and no, we don’t have any plans to expand any time soon).  Its the street over from Seth’s parents and grandparents (can we say more family time and FREE babysitting? : ).  And its right across the street from the Jr./Sr. High School.

We really feel like this house is going to be sooooo much better for youth ministry.  We really want to be able to hang out with the kids more and this is obviously going to be easier being in a central location and right by a school.  So, our house is hopefully going to become the after school hangout (yes, I know I’m probably crazy!).  But I believe that God is going to use this house and location in mighty ways.  And since I know that this is where God wants us to be…I totally believe and trust that He is going to provide a buyer/renter so that we don’t have to stop eating anytime soon : )  I don’t know how he’s going to provide, but he always does.  And even if we end up with an empty house that we’re stuck paying for for a few more months than we expected, I’m sure he’ll take care of us and provide in ways that we don’t expect.

So, please pray for us that God will provide in awesome ways.  And spread the word about our house….and let us know if you’re interested…even in renting a room or two! : )


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